History of the Old Greek Cafe's of 
Old Newcastle cafe scene around Hunter St
by: Spero Davias

Beach Fish Cafe
George Davias and Staff at The Beach Fish Cafe
39 Hunter Street Newcastle East, around 1949

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By Spero Davias
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By Spero Davias - 2012 - 2020
  • There's hardly an Australian with memories of the first 60 years of the 20th century who would not also have memories of the Greek cafe, milk bar, oyster saloon or refreshment rooms. They were to be found in just about every block in most city's and most country towns. Rather than introducing Greek foods, cafe owners quickly learned to prepare Australian meals.Early decor was often in the Classic style with timber panelling, padded booths, marble-topped tables and bentwood chairs, back-bar fittings of carved timber and mirrors, gleaming soda fountains and confectionery counters. The dark interiors were a cool oasis in the heat of summer.

Map of some of the cafe's in the inner city of Newcastle...
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Where can we start? ....
From memory and with the help of a few people, I have put together a story on the history of the Old Newcastle cafe scene..
As a descendant of the Old Newcastle Cafe Scene and having grown up in Newcastle East in particular Telford Street ... I think that we may as well kick off here......

<<<<<<< Starting at Telford and Hunter St's Corner and continuing west along Hunter St >>>>>>>
Starting at number 1 Hunter Street Telford to Pacific St Block

California Cafe (left) on the corner and others (now all demolished)

1 Corner Hunter & Telford Street's Newcastle Beach, East End
  • 1912 - Marsden's Beach Cafe,  Inviting Spot on car Colonnade, where Cold Lunches. Fruit Salads, Ice Creams, and Iced Drinks will be served all day and evening. Afternoon Tea served in comfort in the Open Air.
  • 1920 - The Wattle Cafe, 1920-1926, Have Luncheon at the Wattle Cafe, and be on a winner. Served from 11 to 2. A. Holloway, late A.LF
  • 1926 - The Wattle Cafe, Proprietor, F. E. Notley, 1926-1935, Fruiterer, Cool summer drinks, Afternoon teas and grills, Cigarettes and tobacco,  Confectionary, Fruit, Cakes & Pastry.
  • 1935 - The California Cafe, was Relocated to #1 Hunter St after closing down its operations at 147 Hunter St Newcastle to allow for the building of Selfridges and later Coles Variety stores. The proprietors of The California Cafe were Arthur Scott (Sikiotis) and Paul (Polydoros) Paxinos
  • 1979 - The California Cafe & the surrounding buildings were demolished to allow for the extension of Pacific Park.
  • Currently - Pacific Park  
The California Cafe was Relocated to # 1 Hunter after closing down its operations at 147 Hunter St Newcastle (4 doors from Wolf St) in 1935 to make way for the opening  of the new Selfridge's Department store on July the 30th 1936. The proprietors of The California Cafe were Arthur Sikiotis and Paul (Polydoros) Paxinos. both originally from Stavros on the Island of Ithaca, Greece. Arthur Scott (Sikiotis) arrived as a 12 year old in 1914, on ship called the H.M.S.Mongolia. The Cafe was renowned for its hand made chocolates and pineapple juice The California used to also cater to the needs of the many dancers from Tyrrell House accros the road. Mrs Drinkwater was saying that when she worked there in the 1940's she was being paid 25 shillings per week, thats about $2.50 on todays money. It was also noted that the California had installed the FIRST JukeBox which catered for the Americans when in Port.

GREEK MAFIA IN NEWCASTLE 1928 They caused no harm to anyone, but they had to group together like
brothers and get organized to protect themselves and their hard-earned businesses up and down Hunter Street.
 Most of them from the Greek Island of  Ithaca. The man on the right (not wearing his hat) is  Arthur Sikiotis, Cafe Proprietor.
Next to him, 'John the Handler' and 'Skinny the Driver'. Standing, 'Shorty the Arranger' and last is uncle Nick 'the Brain' Sikiotis.

California Cafe
The California Cafe around the 1940-50's (Photo Sikiotis)

From our contributor, Barry A. Gates, USA,  I am following my fathers WW2 path while serving in the US Merchant Marine service. Amongst some items I found a copy of this menu, he must have dined in Newcastle during port call in June 1945 ! Norman Gates, passed away in 1963. That journey would have included a stop in Suva, Fiji as well as multiple east coast Australian ports. I am sure he probably enjoyed the ‘Yankee Sundae’.

The Telford St side of the California Cafe, The Esplanade Hotel on Newcastle Beach,
The Butcher Shop with sawdust all over the floor, around 1955 (Photo UNI)

2 Corner Hunter & Telford Sts Newcastle, East End,  Built as The Wombah Flats in 1920
  • 1910 - Charles Treleven, 1910-1920, Waterman
  • 1920 - Built as the Wombah Flats in Telford Street
  • 1930 - The Vienna Cafe. The building was built in 1910, it was over the road from the California and on the corner of Hunter and Telford Streets, The original Vienna Cafe was fitted out by businessman Kurt Picardi back in the early years.  I recall, around 1958 the Vienna was totally renovated by the new owner Demetrios (Jim) K. Kolivas who was also known by his stage name Valentino or Rudy. just after his return from a stint in Hollywood.
  • 1979 - The building was demolished, now part of Pacific Park.
The Vienna Cafe .. I recall the owner, Demetrios had bought one of the first black & white television sets in the neighborhood. He had it placed in the back room of the Cafe. As I was living just a few doors down the street in Hellenic Court, he invited me in to watch TV anytime....  The TV intrigued me so much but not as much as the TV antenna installation...  I was stunned at watching the TV Antenna installers putting up a 50 foot mast up on the roof of the building.... Then for weeks i would sit outside the cafe and stare at this 'Antenna on the roof' and thinking " how does all this work ?"  What goes down those two wires?, What makes this thing tick !!, How do those things appear on the screen through a couple of of bits of wire.... For those that know me, "The rest is History"...

4 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1920 - James McHattle, resided on the premises.   (20PhBk) (as per the 1920PhoneBook)
  • 1929 - The Canberra Cafe, 1929 -1936, was built on this site in 1929 the later in 1936 was sold and the Fixtures and fittings were auctioned off at the Kosciusko Cafe venue opposite.
  • 1936-  The Shortland Cafe, 1936-1943 The Canberra Cafe was purchased in 1936, renamed and reopened as the Shortland Cafe.
  • 1943 - The Morris Cafethe Shortland was purchased in 1943. It was renamed and reopened as the Morris Cafe. The cafe closed down a short time later.
  • 1979 - The building was demolished and is now part of The Pacific Park.
  • Currently - Pacific Park

6 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1920 - Mrs Julia Patton   (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - Gartrell White Ltd, 1930-1935, Cake and Pastry Depot, Also Aeroplane Flour Dept
  • 1932 - M.S. Riddle, 1932-1935, Mixed Business Store
  • 1938 - M.L. Frith, 1938-1940,  Grocer & Confectioners
  • 1948 - MacNeill's Cafe 1948-1950
  • 1950 - The Original Shipmates, began during January 1950It was the brainchild of pioneer restaurateur Clem Ashford, a tattooed adventurer who returned from the South Seas in 1975 to shake up the local food scene. As well as having some of the best chips and hamburgers in Newcastle. Clem also opened up two other shops right across the road. They were Shipmates Dairy Delight, a milkshake shop and Shipmates Sugar & Spice a donuts and hamburger shop. Clem was a wee bit ahead of his time and a great operator.Clem Ashford later also created Clams, a landmark seafood restaurant at Merewether.
  • 1979 - The building was demolished, now part of Pacific Park.
  • For more fascinating stories on Clem Ashford

The Pacific Cafe with Shipmates next door, Hunter St, Top of Town, with my residance on the far left

7 Hunter St Newcastle,  East End
  • 1920 - Vacant land among the Newcastle East sand hills
  • 1920 - William W. Chandler, 1920-1932
  • 1938 - Mrs M. Thompson
  • 1945 - Beach Hut, clothing store.
  • 1950 - Shipmates Dairy Delight, a milkshake and ice cream shop.1951
  • 1979 - The buildings where demolished to allow for the extended Pacific Park
  • Currently - Pacific Park

  • The Story of Clem Ashford from 'Shipmates'

8 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1938 - Vacant land part of the Newcastle East Sand Hills
  • 1940 - Blakes Book Shop
  • 1950 - The Pacific Cafe, which was directly across the road from the Kosciusko Cafe,  The Pacific Cafe was very large, with serving counters at both sides as you entered. It was operated by Chris Sofianos and Stan Tsohadsis, who were Cousins and partners / proprietors. The Pacific Cafe was.sold in 1959.  Chris then went on to Red Funnel Fisheries in Wharf Road.
  • 1979 - The building was demolished, now part of Pacific Park

Hunter St Newcastle,  East End
  • 1920 - Vacant land among the Newcastle East sand hills
  • 1920 - James A. Miller
  • 1930 - C. Wheatley
  • 1932 - J. Kelly, 1932-1938, Tailor
  • 1950 - Shipmates Sugar & spice, Clem Ashford's very popular Hamburger and Donuts shop.
  • 1979 - The buildings where demolished to allow for the extended Pacific Park
  • Currently - Pacific Park

  • Shipmates Dairy Delight Transcript From Clem Ashford: After opening Shipmates, I got the idea of selling donuts, I saw the people over the road  from my Shipmates shop, who lived in a terraced house, they were on the pension, and I offered them a rental for the downstairs and to do the upstairs for them and they jumped at the idea, because they only had pension money and for people who had no money all of a sudden had this money coming in in rent, every week, I think I was only paying them about twenty pounds a week, which was a lot considering their pension was only 3 or 4 pounds. I moved in there, and l had these donuts, all Kinds I of donuts, and they used to be iced with pineapple and passion fruit and strawberry icing and then they would have walnuts and cream and toffee.  I made up my own recipes. Before I started that one somebody came and asked me would I do the Dairy Queen, so l got the place next door under the same circumstances, and started off with this Dairy Delight, it was the same as Dairy Queen but it was Dairy Delight

The Kosciusko Cafe on the right (Photo Uni) 1970
15-17 Hunter St Newcastle, East End
  • 1919 - Vacant land and sand hills
  • 1920 - Mrs I.M. Wilks   15 Hunter St
  • 1920 - Mrs E.E. Edwards, Fruiterer  17 Hunter St
  • 1928 - Book Store 15 Hunter St
  • 1930 - Furrier, Tanner and Dyer, With Accomodation on the 1st floor level   17 Hunter St  (30PhBk)
  • 1939 - The Beach Milk Bar, 1939-1942  owned and controlled by The Dairy Farmers Co-oprative Milk Coy     15-17 Hunter St
  • 1942 - The Kosciusko Cafe, proprietors were Basil Stavros (Stavrianopoulos) and John Rafty who were partners. The partnership was dissolved on the 31st Oct 1945, Basil Stavros stayed on as proprietor.John Rafty (Ioannis Raftopoulos) from 36 Corlette Street Cooks Hill arrived in Australia from Kioni, Ithaca, Greece in 1939. Later: The The Kosciusko Cafe was passed on to Basil's Son, Chris Stavros (Stavrianopoulos). Next door to the Kosciusko was Pacific Park which wound its way up to the old Royal Newcastle Hospital.    15-17 Hunter St
  • 1979 - The buildings were demolished to allow for the extended Pacific Park
  • Currently - Pacific Park

Note - Back in the 60's and 70's, This particular block of shops in Hunter St between Telford and Pacific Street, (now demolished)
was the most popular part of Town,  A late Saturday night Hamburger was just the thing after a big night out !!

<<<<<<< Crossing over Pacific St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>
 Pacific to Watt St Block

The Moccadore Cafe, Vogue cafe, Beach Fish Cafe (photo Newcastle Library

19 Hunter St  / 33 Hunter St  Newcastle,  East End, The Essington Apartments Building

  • 1930 - Denies & Denies, Refreshment Rooms, the proprietors were Sophianos Denies & Cutsuicles Denies, Originally from the Greek island of Ithaca. He was only 16 when he left home in a sailing ship bound for America. The ship called at Port of Newcastle, and Mr. Denies decided to stay. He owned the Moccado cafe at the corner of Hunter and Pacific Streets right up to the time of his death. This was one of many cafe's located on this block.
  • 1940 - The Moccadore Cafe proprietor Denes Koutsouvelis.
  • 1956 - All buildings were demolished for the construction of The New Nurses Home with retail shops below
  • 2001 - The New Nurses Home was converted to the Essington Apartments, with retail shops below
  • 2004 - The Bogie Hole Cafe, Aaron Buman
  • Currently - Moor Cafe

23 Hunter St  / 37 Hunter St  Newcastle,  East End, The Essington Apartments Building
  • 1930 - Palais De luxe, 1930-1932, Refreshment Rooms
  • 1930 - Upper Level, The Greek Club
  • 1940 - The Hortons, Tea Rooms
  • 1941 - Peters Better Cakes. its proprietors then were Peter Sourlos, and Alexander Zeppos.
  • 1947 - The Vogue Cafe, the proprietors were Alexander Zeppos from 58 Church St. and Peter SourlosIt had its own bakery upstairs.
  • 1956 - All buildings were demolished for the construction of The New Nurses Home above and retail below
  • 2001 - The Nurses Home was converted to the Essington Apartments, with retail & shops below
  • Currently - Entrance foyer to the Essington Apartments above

27 Hunter St Newcastle, East End, The Essington Apartments Building
  • 1921 - The Oxford Cafe
  • 1930 - Charker & Co,  Auctioneers, upper floor 1930-1938  (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - Hart & Welford, Dressmakers, possibly upper floor
  • 1947 - The Paragon Cafe was  purchased by brothers John Raftos & Nick Raftos, The Cafe was sold a few years later. As advertised in 1947 .The New, Modern .Paragon Cafe. (50 yards from T. & G. Building,) We specialise in grills, salads, fish meals, and all kinds of toasted sandwiches.
  • 1956 - All buildings were demolished for the construction of The New Nurses Home above and retail below
  • 1967 - Henry Henc Jewelery, Top Of Town Jeweler, Further information from our contributor, Kerrie Turon "At 27 Hunter Street, you have the shop run by my husband’s cousin, Henry Henc. I thought you may like to know it was called the “Top Of Town Jeweler”.
  • 2001 - The Nurses Home was converted to the Essington Apartments, with retail & shops below

29 Hunter St Newcastle, East End, The Essington Apartments Building
  • 1930 - Reg Lazarus, Fruit Shop
  • 1930 - J. F. Leach, Cafe,
  • 1932 . C. Atmore, Cafe
  • 1950 - Dens Deli, Proprietor was Nick Politis, having been a deli when he bought it, Nick converted it to a sandwich bar 
  • 1956 - All buildings were demolished for the construction of The New Nurses Home above and retail below
  • 2001 - The New Nurses Home was converted to the Essington Apartments, with retail & shops below

31 Hunter St Newcastle, East End, The Essington Apartments Building
  • 1930 - W.G. Watson & Co, 1930-1938, Electrical Engineers
  • 1940 - Kia-ora Cafe
  • 1945 - Layfields, Cafe
  • 1946 - Kad's Cafe, Fire in Cafe1947 Firemen forced their way into Kad's Cafe, in Hunter-street, Newcastle when a refrigerator motor caught fire  at 5.30 a.m. yesterday.. They smothered the fire with cloths. Electric wiring on the motor was slightly damaged.
  • 1956 - All existing buildings were demolished to make way for The New Nurses Home above 
  • 2001 - Nurses Home was converted to the Essington Apartments, with shops below
  • Property Owner:G GERARDI & R GERARDI 2289

The Beach Fish Cafe, with George Davias & Staff about 1949

39 Hunter St Newcastle East End, The Essington Apartments Building

41 Hunter St Newcastle East, 

43-45 Cnr Hunter St Newcastle, East End, The T&G Building with various tenants (1920 numbering  system)
  • 1880 - S. Beale, Grocer
  • 1890 - The Great City Oyster Saloon. Proprietor,  Zograff Hresto applied for a wine license on the premises. It was finally granted 
  • 1904 - The Cosmopolitan Cafe, As advertised,  The Cosmopolitan Cafe will be opened on the 3rd September 1904 when a splendid Band will perform a choice selection of music.The whole of the day's takings will be given to the Newcastle Hospital, Zograff Hresto, Proprietor. James Cofteros, Manager. As advertised in 1904, Mr. Zograff Hresto desires to inform the public that he has made extensive alterations and improvements In the premises lately known as The Great City Oyster Saloon which has been considerably enlarged both upstairs and down, and altered into a Modern Cafe, with Spacious, Ladies Room and all conveyances under the name of the .Cosmopolitan Cafe. which was situated next door to Washington H. Soul's.  Zograff Hresto passed away around 1905 and the premise auctioned.
  • 1905 - The Cosmopolitan Cafe was taken over by proprietors, Sophianos Denes & Cutsuicles Denes, As advertised in the Herald 1905, .The Cosmopolitan Cafe, 41 Hunter-St, Newcastle.  Now Open under New Management..Sophianos Denes & Cutsuicles Denes having taken over the above well-known Cafe, hope to merit a fair share of patronage by providing FIRST-CLASS MEALS at MODERATE CHARGES, and catering generally,for the comfort of the public at large. fresh Fish and Oysters. Daily. Suppers Supplied. All the furnishings are elaborate and up to date. DENES and DENES, Proprietors.
  • 1922 - The Cosmopolitan Cafe was taken over by The Rafty Brothers.
  • 1923 - The Existing building was demolished to make way for The construction of the New T&G Building for McIlwraith McEacharn Line Pty Ltd and named Scottish House. It was designed by Spain and Cash and built by Stuart Brothers. The cost of the building and land amounted to approximately £100,000  (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Ways Ltd, Cafe (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - South British Insurance Co Ltd, 1930-1932, upper floor, Queensland Insurance Co. Ltd. (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - Mollwraith, McEacharn Ltd, Shipping Agents, This building was originally named ‘Scottish House’. It was built in 1923 for McIlwraith McEacharn Line Pty and designed by Spain and Cosh. Builders Stuart Brothers. The cost of the building and land amounted to approximately £100,000. It was the suite of offices built in Newcastle at the time. (Newcastle Sun 23 July 1923)
  • In 1935, it was bought by the T & G Mutual Life Assurance Society for approximately £90,000.
  • In the early 1990s, the building was known as Hunter House
  • 1929 - GF. Royal Exchange Assurance & State Assurance Co Ltd
  • 1930 - Basement, Railway & Tramway Institute  (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - 2nd Floor,  F.S.Scorer,1932-1950, Accountant
  • 1932 - 3rd Floor, W.I. Evans, 1932-1950, Agents Manufacturing, The PMG Dept, inspectors & EngineersBritish General Electric Co Ltd, Coal Carriers,  Carrier
  • 1935 - Property purchased by the T & G Mutual Life Assurance Society for approx $90,000, in what was then the biggest sale of any single freehold property in Newcastle.
  • 1937 - The tower was added which became a feature of each of the T & G company buildings
  • 1938 - Farrs Markets Ltd,
  • 1940 - Upper Floors - Hunter Commonwealth Institute of Accountants, Institute. 1940-1950, Lloyd's Register of Shipping.
  • 1940 - Blennerhassett Institute of Accountancy, 1940-1950, Business Colleges,  The Newcastle Business Men's Club, 1940-1950
  • 1940 - International Correspondence Schools Pty  Ltd,  Jeater, Rod & Hay, Architects, Produce Broker, Anderson and Bond.
  • 1940 - P.W. Saddington & Son Pty Ltd, 1940-1950, Agents Manufacturing, A.C.Langwill,  Agents Manufacturing
  • 1940 - Upper Floors - MacDonald.s, Hamilton & Co, 1940-1950, Agents Mercantile, Boys E James, Chiropodists, Happy Valley Colliery (50PhBk)
  • 1940 - Clue Ribbon, Refreshment Rooms
  • 1950 - Upper Floors - Cromarty & Turner, Accountants.
  • 1950 - Flick Pest Control
  • 1990 - Known as Hunter House
  • 1995 - Hunter Street Books, Arthur Warner. Ex Ells Bookstore
  • Currently - The T&G Building Formerly known as Scottish House.
<<<<<<< Crossing over Watt / George St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>>>
Watt to Bolton St block   Back to the top of page
57 Hunter St / 7 Hunter St Newcastle,  East End AMP Building, Lot 56
59-59a Hunter St / Hunter St  East End, Newcastle, P&O Building. Lot 57
  • 1859 - November,  the most disastrous fire that had ever occurred in Newcastle destroyed several buildings in the main streets of Newcastle.
  • 1863 - The City Restaurant.  Mr.William Lashmore, shop 9 & 11 Hunter St,  as advertised, The Coolest Dining Rooms in the Northern District, are Fred Chambers,  Ladies.Dining upstairs, where you can dine in comfort..  Lashmore's old established Pastry Cook and Confectioner's Business, with Restaurant attached, known as the City Restaurant, situated opposite the Police Station, Newcastle.
  • 1890 - The City Restaurant Mortgagee sale, offered for sale as The City Dining Rooms 1891 Auctioned all fittings
  • 1895 - W. McLeod, Books, Stationery and Newspapers.
  • 1905 - George Studdart,  Locksmith
  • 1909 - James H. McLean, Bookmaker  09 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Barnes Ltd, Bootmaker
  • 1930 - O. Ryans Tennis Shop   (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Young's Music House, George H Young, Proprietor  (30PhBk)
  • 1940 - The Queensland Insurance Co
  • 1986 - Newcastle Travel
  • 2008 - Surgery
  • Currently - The Medical Practice Newcastle, Dr. Lester Grace
  • Property Owner:C GRACE 2300

The Coffee Inn was located in the center where Sandy Chong is in the Photo

61 Hunter St / 11 Hunter St Newcastle, East End , 
Lot 57
  • 1863 - The City Restaurant. occupied both 9 & 11 Hunter St As advertised "The Coolest Dining Rooms in the Northern District, are Fred Chambers. ( late Mr. William Lashmore ) Ladies.Dining upstairs, where you can dine in comfort."  
  • 1890 - The City Restaurant offered for sale, in 1891 Lashmore's old established Pastry Cook and Confectioner's business, with Restaurant attached, known as the City Restaurant, situated opposite the Police Station, Newcastle was offered for sale. They also auctioned all fittings.
  • 1905 - L. Davies, Pastry Cook  11 Hunter St  as listed in the 1909 Phone Book (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Arthur Smalley, Bookseller & Newsagent
  • 1930 - P.C. Rudge & Co, Tailors  as listed in the 1930 Phone Book (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - C. V. Ell, Typewriter & Office Equipment
  • 1939 - The Coffee Inn, 1939-1950, Refreshment Rooms, The proprietor was Nicholas Scott & possibly Constandino Scott. Located near the Westminster Hotel and right opposite the old Newcastle Police Station and Post Office. (39PhBk)
  • 1970 - Hungry Johns Cafe owned by John Argiris who took over the old Coffee Inn and totally refurbished the shop and reopened as Hungry Johns Cafe. John was one of Newcastle's finest chefs, John sold the business around 1986 to Nick Raftos. John then moved into a very busy take away food store on the 1st floor of Garden City Kotara (todays Westfield). 
  • 1986 - Hungry Johns Cafe, John & Tasia sold Hungry Johns to Nick & Stella Raftos, who ran the business for another year before moving the business into their own premises, The Westminster Hotel just 2 doors away.
  • 2012 - Sandy Chong Hair Design,
  • 2008 - Current - Curve Gallery, Leading contemporary art space
  • Property Owner: J A MORGAN 2289
John Argiris Bought the old ''Coffee Inn'' at 61 Hunter St. which was closed down for a few years. I was asked as, the electrician to go in and repair a few lights but i ended up working in with John and rewiring the whole shop as he added more features to the premises. John has advanced from the restaurants of the Scott St hotels, the last being the George Hotel, where he was very well known as the greatest chef in Newcastle. When he opened up the coffee inn, he was virtually forced to call it 'Hungry Johns' where most of the 'hungry' Novocastrians followed him to his new venture....
On another note.... Peter Welldon and his Father, Trained a Race Horse for John Argiris, Nick Raftos and Con Andreos (Bibina) they were all good on the Punt Won a race in Sydney and a couple in Newcastle "Special Girl"was her race name.

65 Hunter St / 15 Hunter St, Newcastle, East End, Westminster Apartments  Building, Lot 58  (In 1909 = 15 Hunter, In 1910 known as 65 Hunter) 35
  • 1854 - Joseph Hollinshead,  Joseph opened the business opposite the Newcastle police station as an importer of china, glassware and Bostock boot and shoes. He then built the Royal Exchange Hotel Cnr Hunter and Wolf and moved in 1866. The china, glassware etc was sold from the same Wolf St building until it was  transferred to the council building at 71 &73 Hunter Street. From our contributor Russell Willis Descendant. See also 121 Cnr Hunter St / 71 Hunter St, and 123 Hunter St / 73 Hunter St
  • 1855 - Joseph Spragg took over the Holinshead business and convertered it to a general store. It was a general store in every sense of the word, where, so to speak, the customer, could purchase anything from a needle to an anchor.
  • 1859 - November,  the most disastrous fire that had ever occurred in Newcastle destroyed several buildings in the main streets of Newcastle
  • 1867 - The Yacht Club Hotel, Was built by Joseph Hollinshead. James Harrison Hubbard held the license from 1867 to 1881. In the sixties, the ordinary bill of fare at the Yacht Club Hotel (on between 1 pm. and 2 pm) was a grilled chop or steak, a hot potato and a pint of beer, all for 1 shilling. It was here that the regatta committee met in the days when James Hannell was the president. Proprietor James Harrison Hubbard was a large land speculator with Mr. Chinchen. They bought and subdivided, among other areas, Islington - where their names were perpetuated in the street naming scheme of the local government authority and the original Hayfield. Mr. Hubbard died in the late1880s. There was a large attendance at his funeral.   
  • 1876 - Fire at the Yacht Club Hotel, Newcastle Herald reported that on the  22nd February 1876 About 1.20 on Monday morning the city was alarmed by the ringing of the fire bell at the engine house in Newcomer Street. At first sound of the bell a reporter from the Herald went forth, and looking up Hunter St. A dens column of smoke was observed to be rising from premises some distance up on the left hand side of the street, not far from the intersection of Bolton St. Upon proceeding nearer, it was perceived that the fire had broken out at the back of the Yacht Club Hotel, opposite the Court House. After the fire, The Yacht Club Hotel was pulled down and the Westminster Hotel erected in its place in the 1890's
  • 1892 - The Westminster Hotel, The original 4 Level Westminster Hotel Was Built on the site of the old Yacht Club Hotel R. Bonventi was the proprietor. Iin 1938 proprietor was C.H. Pyatt   (09+50PhBk)
  • 1923 - The Westminster Hotel, A commencement has been made of the demolition of the premises of the original Westminster Hotel, to make room for the erection of a brick building of five stories and basement. The new building will occupy the existing site with a frontage of 26 feet to Hunter-street and a depth of 66 ft. It has been designed by Messrs, F. G. and A. O, Castleden, of Newcastle, and will contain 23 bedrooms, public and saloon bars, lounge hall, dining room, kitchen, and the necessary features of an up-to-date hotel. The cost of the new building will be £12,000.. (phone book1930PhBk)
  • 1943 - Fire damaged the Westminster Hotel
  • 1986 - The Dolce Vita Restaurant Upper level 1, 1986-1990,  The Dolce Vita Restaurant relocated to 81 Hunter Street after being damaged in the 1989 Earthquake.
  • 1990 - The Westminster Hotel was purchased by Nick Raftos who later had the license transfered to 'The Me an Fiddler Hotel' in Rouse Hill, Nick then began the massive task of redeveloping the hotel into 'shop top Apartments' After the licence transfere the The Westminster Hotel stopped trading.
  • 2012 - Westminster Coffee Lounge opened on the Ground Floor
  • 2014 - Current - SushiNet on the Gr Floor with the Westminster Apartments above.

67-69 Hunter St / 17-19 Hunter StNewcastle,  East End, The Commercial Bank of Australia Building, Lot 58
  • 1820 - George Furber owned lot 58.
  • 1856 - R. C. Knagg's & Co, Newcastle Medical Hall, 1856-1886, These were the two shops in Hunter Street, opposite the Post Office, which are being demolished to make room for a larged up to date building for a banking Institution, they were amongst the oldest In Newcastle.     
  • 1891 - The American Bar Cafe.
  • 1905 - Herewd S, Hewison,  Bookseller
  • 1909 - Robert Edmund's, Bookseller  19 Hunter (09PhBk)
  • 1910 - The Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd, 1910-1958, The CBA of Australia merged with Westpac in 1982  (30PhBk) 
  • 1915 - J. George, Hairdresser, 1915-1950  (50PhBk)
  • 1932 - L, Dobie, Cafe
  • 1940 - Upper Level, J. L. Shaw, Broker,    Mutual Life and Citizens Assurance Co,  Dr E.W. Ferguson,    Eric ArmstrongSolicitor,    J. E. Capper, Accountant,     Miss K. Hanson, Masseurs.   Government Insurance Office.
  • 1950 - Upper Level, Lamb & Boa, Accountant,   R.S.Timbury, Agents Manufacturing, T.E. Flett, Chiropodists, V.Skeats Hairdresser
  • 2000 - Upper Level, Renovated New Apartments plus a New built  top Floor Apartment
  • 2000 - Current  G & G Gelato, AA Brothers, Computer Parts, and a block of Apartments above

69-71 Cnr Hunter St / 21 Hunter St, Newcastle East, NCB Co of Sydney Building
  • 1894 - Peter Paxinos was Fruiterer, Restaurant & a refreshment room.
  • 1930-1940 - The Commonwealth Bank Of Australia 
  • 1940 - The Motor Traders Insurance Co
  • Currently - Commercial Banking Co of Sydney With various tenants
<<<<<<<  Crossing over Bolton St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>>
Bolton to Newcomen St Block via Scott Street
81 Hunter St / 27 Hunter St, Newcastle East End,  Commerce House, Lot 60
  • 1880 - Frederick Alcock
  • 1889 - Tom H. Ingall & Lynch, 1889-1908, Milliners & Dressmaking, General Draper Clothier, Tom H Ingall has dissolved partnership with R Ingall and Sons and has bought Mr Frank Alcock's stock and business, Tom H. Ingall has not retired from business, but is as busy as ever at Commerce House 27 Hunter st 
  • 1905 - Russell Wilkins & Sons, IronMongers,
  • 1909 - Shaw & Sons Ltd, 1909-1920, IronMongers, Hardware & Fancy Goods  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Harcourts, 1920-1930, Hatters & Mercers  (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Hotel Brokers & Commercial Agents
  • 1930 - Joseph Kelly, Tailor  (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - H.W. Barfoot, (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - Silk Fashions
  • 1938 - Capewell & Taylor, Florists
  • 1947 - Scott's Milk Bar 1947-1950, and Fruit Shop. the Proprietor was Mr Nick Scott.  (50PhBk)
  • 1954 - Fruit shop owned by George Lekatsas (Lucas) .
  • 1957 The Brazil Coffee Lounge Around 1957 John Raftos bought the fruit shop from George Lucas (see story  below)
  • 1985 - Trojan Horse Taverna, 1985-1989,  Dion Cominos transformed the old Brazil into the new Trojan Horse. it featured a live lobster tank and a Greek Band, Belly dancers & a Greek Dance Troupe that would teach Zorba to the patrons. Other features of the restaurant include a vast Greek Menu and traditional ‘Plate Smashing’. The Ground Floor café was transferred into a Hair Salon which is still operating. (see below)
  • 1990 - The Dolce Vita Restaurant, moved from Westminster Hotel 1990-1998
  • Currently - Hunter 81 Ladies  Boutique
  • Property Owner: M MIZRAHI & G M MIZRAHI 2029
The Brazil Coffee Lounge.  Around 1957 John Raftos bought the fruit shop from George Lucas and transformed it into The Brazil Coffee Lounge which was a small narrow shop but became very popular and upmarket so when the opportunity came with the closing of the pharmacy next door which had a shared frontage and was virtually one shop divided in two, John spread the shop over both stores and created one larger space. About 1970 or 71 after purchasing the building, John, renovated extensively upstairs and opened the Brazil 81 Restaurant with piano bar and dancing. It became very popular with special events, functions and celebrations with Chef Pasquale. There were separate bar areas on the 1st floor. The ground floor was a Cafe, The Brazil Coffee Lounge. The building was sold in 1979 to a consortium from Sydney. The Brazil had the first cappuccino machine in Newcastle and people used to queue up.

85 Hunter St / 31 Hunter St, Newcastle  East End
  • 1876 - George Tribe, Tobacconist
  • 1884 - Schumacher, Hairdressing
  • 1886 - Burned to the ground in one of the towns worst fires
  • 1890 - George H. Campbell, 1890-1950, Hairdresser,  (double size shop 83-85 Hunter)  29/31 Hunter St (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Johnston & Co,  Fancy Goods
  • 1930 - W.F. Hutchinson, Dentist
  • 1930 - Maisonette, 1930-1938, Ladies Hairdresser  (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - M. Engert, Dental Mechanic
  • 1940 - The Devonshire Coffee Lounge, 1940-1945,  Bakehouse. The Newcastle Herald reported, We have turned away about four times ,as many people as we have served,. said the Manageress of the Devonshire Coffee Lounge. .I have never seen such a rush; there has been nothing left for hours. We have done a roaring trade in buttered scones and pikelets. We can.t get enough to cope with the demand.
  • 1970 - Dimity's Cards and Party Shop,  the vacant Devonshire Coffee Lounge was taken over by Nick Raftos who completely renovated the site and opened  the gift store .Dimity.s Cards and Party Shop.
  • 2010 - Newcastle Bakehouse, 2010-2017
  • 2017 - These Days
  • Currently - Vacant

89 Hunter St / 35 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1876 - W.H. Green, Ironmonger, two story brick building
  • 1905 - Alexandria Tea Rooms
  • 1909 - The British Piano Depot, Walter Stent, Music Teacher, Miss Jean Garrett, Music Teacher, Miss Doris Napier-North, Music Teacher 35 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - George Paxinos, Refreshment Rooms & Confectionary
  • 1930 - C. Hyman, 1930-1950,  Watchmaker & Jeweler   (30+50PhBk)
  • 1955 - Prouds, Watchmaker & Jeweler
  • 1965 - Tom Menzies, 1965-1975, Jeweler, shop2
  • 2010 - Silver Tree, Gifts and Jewelery
  • 2015 - Shannon Hartigan Images, shop2
  • Current Humbug Restaurant, Bar & restaurant in Newcastl

91 Hunter St / 37 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1897 - Refreshment Room, by The NSW Aerated and Confectionery Shop. As advertised .For the convenience of Patrons, Telephonic Communication has been established between the NSW Aerated Water and Confectionery Co.s Retail Shop and Refreshment Rooms, opposite Paling & Co.s Music Depot; and the Factories at Wickham. Orders left at the City Establishment will receive prompt attention.
  • 1905 - Peter Paxinos, Fruiterer  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - J.A. Woodcock, Fruitere
  • 1930 - Heiron and Smith,1930-1950, Home Movies, Salonola Cycles, Pianos, Radios (50PhBk)
  • 1932 - E.F.Wilks & Co,  Gulbransen stands for quality, wether Radio's, Pianos, Refrigerators.   91 Hunter St
  • 1935 - Barnetts Tobacco, Nu-way Tobacco's sold only at Barnett's  ..
  • 1938 - Macey's, Ladies Wear, 1938-1950
  • Currently - PixelPro- Photo Printing & Picture

Toni's Cafe (Photo by Matthew Ward)
93 Hunter St / 39 Hunter St Newcastle

The Treasury Cafe
93a Hunter St / 41 Hunter St  Newcastle

97 Hunter St / 45 Hunter St Newcastle East,  97-101 Hunter St,  Emporium Building, Lot 61
  • 1860 - D. Thomas owner of lot 61
  • 1884 - Mr Edward Smith, Drapery, Clothing store, 
  • 1886 - Burned to the ground in one of the towns worst fires
  • 1905 - Thomas D. Byrne, Hairdresser 45 Hunter St
  • 1909 - Alfred D. Robinson, 1909-1920, Hairdresser 45 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1930 - Sam Barnett, Tobacco Merchant.  (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Newcastle Standard Laundry Ltd  (30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Upper floor - G.S. Cole, Dentist(30PhBk), O.Sullivan, Tailor (30PhBk)
  • 1950 - F. J. Palmers and Son's Ltd
  • 2010 - Vodafone, Optus, Telstra Shop
  • 2015 - Happy Herb Shop,
  • 2017 - Ubuntu, Wellness Clinic
  • Currently - Vacant
  • Property Owner: ITHACA INVESTMENTS PTY LTD 2300

99 Hunter St / 47 Hunter St  Newcastle East,   Emporium Building, Lot 61
  • 1860 - D. Thomas owner of lot 61
  • 1872 - Fire Brigade Station
  • 1876 - T. Egglestone,  Greengrocer, Fruiterer, Seedsman
  • 1886 - Burned to the ground in one of the towns worst fires
  • 1903 - Signor Zanoni Studio.sa Mandolin, Violin, and Piano Tuition. Signor Zanoni visits all suburbs.
  • 1898 - W.T. Lee & Co,  Tailors shop1  47 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1918 - Coo Ee Clothing Company, 1918-1950, Tailors, Boys clothing retail,  (30+50PhBk)
  • 1950 - F. J. Palmers and Son's Ltd
  • 1940 - Hinton Signs, Signwriter.
  • 1969 - Fiesta Rooms, Upper Level
  • 1970 - Cafe Continental, owned by John (Yianko) & Sia Rafty. The proprietor was Demetre Carathanasis (Jim Carr) then later it was George Rafty
  • 1989 - Cafe Continental, Proprietor Bruce Derkenne, Purchased the Cafe in June 1989, then closed after the Earthquake of 89
  • 2010 - Flight Centre Newcastle
  • Currently Flight Centre Newcastle

100 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1940Sargent's Newcastle Ltd, Restaurant

101 Cnr Hunter St / 49 Hunter St Newcastle East,  Emporium Building, Lot61
  • 1860 - D. Thomas owner of lot 61
  • 1876 - Galley's Family Hotel (George Galley) Much to the disappointment of a crowd of persons, numbering about 1,000, the feat of wire-rope walking announced to take place on a telegraph wire stretched from Galley's Family Hotel over to tihe Crystal Palace, in Hunter street. did not come off, on account of the police refusing to grant the necessary permission.
  • 1880 - Scott and Airds, City House , 1880-1891+, Gentleman’s Mercers,and Hatters (Scott from Later Scotts & Aird Later from Airds)
  • 1884 - E. O'Gallagher, Draper
  • 1886 - Six Business Places Burned Down in one of the towns worst fires (except this corner as it was made of brick)
  • 1886 - Developed by Henry Buchanan, a prominent citizen and mayor. Also known as Buchanan’s Colonnade. Had a 2 storey veranda.
  • 1898 - W.T. Lee & Co, Tailors Shop2   49 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1918 - Coo Ee Clothing Company, 1918-1950, Tailors, Boys clothing retail,  (30+50PhBk)
  • 1920 - G.C. Henderson, Tailor, Mr.Arthur Dodd served an apprenticeship with George Henderson, the tailors at the Cnr. Hunter and Newccmnen Sts. Newcastle . I started at the age of fourteen in 1919 and served five years apprenticeship. During that time we would sit on the table with our legs crossed and sew from the knee. This expression "made on the knee" came frcm the way we used to sew. Today, of course they sit on a chair.
  • 1940 - R. Wilson, Fishmonger
  • Harrey's Bag Store
  • 1942 - The Matara Gourmet BarIt was located on the east corner of Hunter & Newcomen St,  It was owned by John (Yianko) Rafty
  • 1960 Shindig Village NightClub, Upper Floor, owned by John (Yianko) Rafty, above the Matara Bar. It was operated by Phil & Jenny Clarke who also owned Pumpkins Boutique.
  • 2009 - Oporto Chicken
  • 2015 - Hunter Gourmet Pizza
  • 2017 - Current - Vacant Store

The Astoria Cafe with Jerry Kolivas

The Astoria Cafe (photo Newcastle Library)
103A-105 Hunter St / 53 Hunter St Newcastle, Lot 101
Subway Restaurant. In 1965, Fred DeLuca borrowed $1,000 from friend Peter Buck to start "Pete's Super Submarines" in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and in the following year, they formed Doctor's Associates Inc. to oversee operations of the restaurants as the franchise expanded.The holding company derives its name from DeLuca's goal to earn enough from the business to pay tuition for medical school, as well as Buck's having a doctorate in physics. Doctor's Associates is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any medical organization.In 1968, the sandwich shop was renamed "Subway". It is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world and, as of June 2017, had approximately 42,000 locations in more than 100 countries. More than half of the locations are in the United States.It also is the largest single-brand restaurant chain, and the largest restaurant operator, in the world

The Astoria Cafe
107-109 Cnr Hunter St / 59-61 Hunter St  Newcastle, Sanitarium Building, Lot 102

112-114 Hunter St / 34 Hunter St / 76 Hunter St,  Newcastle, in 
1920 it was #76
  • 1888 - The Centennial Hotel (SV Brain)   Built Jan 26 1888, The bar of this hotel extended from Scott St to Hunter St. From what I've heard through a friend of Terry Brain, it was the longest bar in Australia.
  • 1898 - The Niagara Cafe. After he left Vlahokerasia, Greece bound for the USA,  Angelo Bourtzos, around 1898 and before the turn of the century. he traveled from the USA to Australia, eventually settling in Newcastle and opening the Niagara Cafe in 1898. It was located further up town, on the North side of the street and virtually opposite The Brazil Cafe. It appears to have been located in the old The Centennial Hotel site, which was opened in 1888... In 1912 it was taken over by Brothers Michael and Theo Karanges (who was Bourtzos godson) Theo stayed on to take over the business when Bourtzos died, while Michael Peter Karanges opened up his own Niagara Cafe a few miles away in the Newcastle suburb of Hamilton... Around 1920 George Peter Kostakes and Michael Karanges became partners. By 1926 they had incorporated with George Peter Kostakes and Mr. P.Karanges as First directors... Con and Nick Karanges arrived from Vlahokerasia, Greece around November 1936 and worked for their Uncle Michael Karanges. It was here at the Niagara that Nick met his wife to be Olive May Watts.. Con and Nick Karanges worked, saved and bought their own cafe's, In 1942, Con bought The Embassy Cafe at 303 Hunter Street, whilst Nick Karanges bought the Central Cafe at 50 Belford St Broadmeadow opposite the Century Theatre. 
  • 1935 - The Niagara Cafe was advertising "The best place to eat and drink and the new 4d milk bar service. Excellent chocolates and cakes"
  • 1940 - The Niagara cafe also owned a cake and sweets factory in Bull-street, Cooks Hill which was sold in 1952. See more of the story below.
  • 1951 - George Peter Kostakes, Passed away. He died in the Royal Newcastle Hospital yesterday, aged 60. He lived at 13 Anzac Parade Newcastle which later became the Nick Gerakiteys household.     
  • Con worked at the Embassy till he retired in 1976. Around 1938 George Velissaris arrived from Greece and began working for his uncle Michael Karanges at the Niagara. Around 1946 George Velissaris bought out his brother Michael and ran the business himself. Around 1954 brothers George and Nick Velissaris bought the Station Cafe in Campsie Sydney and moved there with the family. In 1940, Steve Gounis arrived from Greece to work in the Niagara Cafe. John Scoufis, from the same village, also came to Australia to work in the Niagara but unlike the others he settled in Sydney. Scoufis bought and ran the Central Inn Cafe in Railway Square, Sydney in 1933   Phone 654.
  • Currently - The CML building.
Nick Karanges at the Central Cafe Broadmeadow

<<<<<<< Crossing over Morgan St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>
Morgan to Market St Block

115 Hunter St / 67 Hunter St Newcastle,  Municipal Building, 1908
  • 1886 - D. Stevenson, Men's Mercer & Hatter
  • 1886 - H. Wilson and Co, Possibly Upper Level, Hotel and Business brokers, for sale, hotels ,restaurants,  farm houses and all businesses.
  • 1890 - Universal Labour Agency
  • 1905 - Paxinos Bros, Fruiterers   67 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1914 - Payzis Brothers, 1914-1920, Confectionery & Fruiterers, located opposite Rundle's (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - Hunter The Stationer, 1938-1972,  Bookseller Stationer.
  • 2010 - Shoe Box
  • 2015 - The Lair
  • Currently - The Lair Ladies Fashion
  • Further information on the Rundle Family Business

117 Hunter St / 67 Hunter St Newcastle,  Municipal Building, 1908
  • 1886 - D. Stevenson, Men's Mercer & Hatter
  • 1886 - H. Wilson and Co, Hotel and Business brokers
  • 1905 - Paxinos Bros, Fruiterers   67 Hunter St
  • 1914 - Payzis Brothers, 1914-1920, Confectionery & Fruiterers, located opposite Rundle's
  • 1930 - Richard Rundle, 1930-1938, Tailor
  • 2010 - Shoe Box
  • 2015 - The Lair
  • Currently - The Lair Ladies Fashion and the new Market Square

119-121 Hunter St Newcastle,
  • 1914 - Payzis Brothers, a Confectionery shop Located opposite Rundles 
  • 1921- The No. 2 Astoria Cafe. Proprietors were Michael Shannos  & Speros Benas. it was a Confectionery shop  "NEWCASTLE'S LEADING CONFECTIONERY IMPORTERS. Shipments Landing Weekly from all the best English & Continental Makers.We claim these Lines are the Best Procurable. Unexcelled for Flavour,PURITY GUARANTEED. All Pascall's Toffoc in Sixpenny and Shilling Tins.The Best Chewing.Gum on the Market is CHICLETS,"A Dainty, Wholesome, and Healthful Confection.Lawney's American Chocolates. Cadbury Chocolates always in Stock"
  • 1995 - Caldwell the Jeweler.
  • 1940 - Fostars Shoes Pty Ltd. Shoe store
  • Currently - Studio Melt a Contemporary Jewellery

120 Hunter St / 40 Hunter St / 82 Hunter St, Newcastle,
  • 1916-1920Ways, Ltd, The Victoria Cafe,  Tel 531.

125-127 Hunter St / 75 Hunter St  Newcastle,
  • 1824 - Francis Beattie was assigned to Alexander McLeod at Newcastle in October 1824. His trade was given as 'turner'. He became free in December 1824 and was recommended for a land grant so that he could build a commodious Inn with stables and out buildings which according to Major Gillman were much needed at the settlement. Francis Beattie's approval came through in 1825. He was to be allowed two allotments of land upon entering a bond to build his Inn complete with stables and out houses.
  • 1825 - The Crooked Billet Inn, Francis Beattie was granted a publican's license to sell spirits, beer and ale.He established the Crooked Billet Inn in 1825. During his years at Newcastle as well as his business running the Inn he also worked as a bailiff, gaol keeper, pound keeper, auctioneer and store keeper. In 1829 Francis Beattie came into financial difficulties. In 1834 Francis Beattie moved from the 'Crooked Billet' to The Australian Inn that had previously kept by James Pawsey. Francis Beattie, the original proprietor of the Crooked Billet died in October 1835 age 57 and was buried in Christ Church Burial Grounds. The Crooked Billet, under the Page family, became known as the Miners' Arms. The frontage almost faced Hunter Street and the street was known as Market Square.
  • 1829 - The Miner's Arms Hotel The only building in the Market Square was a hostelry known as the London Hotel originally known as Tighe's Miners Arms and afterwards becoming a customs-house in Hunter street in 1914 before they relocated across the road to Newcomen street, next door to the Rawsonon Hunter street in 1914 before they relocated across the road to Newcomen street, next door to the Rawson House. The Miner's Arms was regarded as one of the top 3 principal Inns in the district. William Page was granted a publican's license for the Miners Arms Inn in Market Square, Hunter Street, Newcastle in June 1844. The license was transferred to James Farquharson in March 1845
  • 1846 - James Farquharson was granted a license for the Miner's Arms again in 1846 and 1847. In 1848 the hotel was referred to as Farquharson's Hotel.
  • 1848 - The Miner's Arms was put up for sale
  • 1850 - Customs House, The building was used as a Customs House under the control of Major Charles Bolton. Major Bolton had under him a clerk by the name of Henry Parkes, who later became Premier of New South Wales.
  • 1860 - London Hotel, re-opened as the London Tavern but was de-licenced and conducted as a boarding house known as Northumberland House
  • 1870 - The Borough Markets, 1870-1930, (City Markets) The foundation stone of the Borough Markets was laid in 1870 by Mayor William A Sparke. It was built by Smith Thomas, who was a well-known and respected figure in the building industry of Newcastle for almost 60 years, and designed by an established Sydney architect, G. A. Mansfield, and its construction was supervised by Joseph Backhouse. The markets were demolished in 1915. 
    The Borough Market during construction. 
    A construction mistake that caused one of the two towers to collapse spilling onto Joseph’s adjoining business.  The construction manager sued the city council (and lost since it was his mistake), then Joseph sued the council for poor oversight of the incompetent architect/builder (one Joseph Blackhouse) for £2000 and won £70.  The events and argument are chronicled in EARLY ARCHITECTS OF THE HUNTER REGION by LES REEDMAN. (thanks to our contributor 
    Ron Bennett)
  • 1905 - City Markets, J. Hunter and Son Pty Ltd,  D. Fleming, shipping and family butcher, Juno, Boot and Shoe retailers 83 Hunter St 
  • 1916 - The Strand Picture Theatre, "Built on the site of Newcastle Borough Markets. The Strand Theatre was opened on 27th April 1916 with “Ashmead Bartlett’s Pictures of Gallipoli and Anzac” on the screen. It was designed by architectural firm Kaberry & Chard in a Spanish & French style. By 1920 it was operated by the Union Cinemas chain. Around 1921 Kaberry & Chard were brought back to alter the stage to enlarge it for live performances.
    In 1937 it was remodelled in a Streamline Moderne style to the plans of architect Charles Bohringer. On 27th April 1942 it was taken over by the Fullers Theatres Pty. Ltd. chain and a new RCA sound system was installed, replacing an earlier Western Electric sound system.
    It was taken back by Greater Union Cinemas in 1953 and they installed CinemaScope in 1955. In December 1978 it was taken over by Showcase Theatres on a short-term lease. They operated the Stand Theatre until it was closed on 23rd May 1979 with Robby Benson in “Ice Castles”. The Newcastle City Council (who owned the building) had decided to replace it with a shopping arcade development. Demolition began just a few weeks after closing. "Contributed by Ken Roe". Ben Summers.
  • 1920 - Gerald Levy, Tobacconist  125 (20PhBk)
  • 1930 - Way's Ltd, Refreshment Rooms 1930-1938,
  • 1930 - Morgans Cakes, (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - Sergeants Ritz Milk Bar   (39PhBk)
  • 1930 - ABC Newcastle, The first broadcast came out of the new studios above a billiard room behind the Old Strand Theatre in Market Square, off Hunter Street Mall. A transmitter at Beresfield was set up and connected the Hunter Street studio by landline. The current transmitter is still located at Beresfield
    When Adrian Jose arrived in Newcastle in late 1930 to set up radio station 2NC, the 22-year-old would hardly have anticipated that he would be instrumental in creating one of Australia's most significant radio stations.
    Adrian Jose only joined the broadcasting company in September 1930, as a record library assistant and announcer-in-training. Two months later, he was setting up the Newcastle station and was appointed regional officer at 2NC. ABC Newcastle was Australia's first regional station and went live-to-air for the first time in Newcastle on December 19th 1930.

  • 1979 - Kristy's Fashion
  • 1977 - Dion's, Hair Care Needs, Hairdresser, 1977-1980, upper level, in 1948 Dion's Mother, met her 'husband to be' whilst working at the Strsand as an usherette.
  • Note - The Hunter on Hunter Hotel, was located across the road. 
  • 1980 - The new Market Square shopping centre, built by Kern Corporation Ltd on the old Strand site, opened by NSW Premier Neville Wran on November 17, 1980,
  • 2010 - BreakAway, Surf shop, Jamie Lambert
  • Currently - All buildings to be demolished and redeveloped (Stage 3)

128 Hunter St / 48 Hunter St / 90 Hunter St Newcastle, East End
  • 1905 - Sorby & Co , Ironmongers
  • 1909 - Macrow & Sons Pty Ltd, Jewellers  46-48 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Newcastle Nursery Co. 90 Hunter St   (20PhBk)
  • 1920 - Walter Neve, Furniture Manufacturer & Undertaker  
  • 1930 - Bernard's, Picture framers & photographers
  • 1930 - Bargain Arcade Ltd, Fancy Goods, 3 shopsMacrow & Sons Pty Ltd, Jewellers  48 Hunter St,  90-94 Hunter St (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Cash & Carry Drapery Store   90 Hunter St
  • 1940 Breckenridge's Blue Room Cafe
  • 1950 - Breckenridge, Draper
  • 1950 - Hustlers 1950-1970, General Drapers 84-96 Hunter St (50PhBk)
  • 2010 - Budget Eyewhear
  • 2017 - Opsm

133 Hunter St / 81a Hunter St  Newcastle
  • 1876 - Mr J. Kingston's Dear Shop,  burnt to the ground during the 1882 Fire 
  • 1876 - Fanny Le'Estrange's Cafe de Paris Hotel (Late Devonshire Hotel),at the rear od Mr Kingston's shopburnt to the ground during the 1882 Fire 
  • 1882 - Occidental Hotel (Late Cafe De Paris), Fanny Le'Estrange, rebuilt after the fire of 1882
  • 1883 - The Newmarket Hotel1879-1937, James Parker, Later in 1891 it was also known as Paynes Newmarket Hotel,   (1909- Frederik Garnham,  Mrs Cath Thompson),  133 (09+20PhBk)
  • 1891 - Paynes Newmarket HotelLater renamed, The Strand Hotel ..
  • 1930 - Whitakers, Later moved from Hunter St to Garden City then to 93 Darby St Newcastle,  Our contributor John Whitaker, says It's been a dream of mine for over 20 years to create a specialist Custom design and bridal boutique store that delivers the absolute best quality product and service. The chance to meet new people and make the process of creating a special piece of jewellery, which forms an integral part of a huge occasion in their lives, is something I take very seriously. The excitement I get from my clients is infectious.
  • 1935 - Woolworths Ltd. 1935-1970, Department Store
  • 2010 - BreakAway, Surf shop
  • Currently - All buildings to be demolished and redeveloped (Stage 3)

137-139 Hunter St / 81b Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1886 - John Hunter's Newcastle Boot Palace, Leather & Grindery  83 Hunter St 137-141 (09+20+30PhBk)
  • 1880 - J.S. Cave, Upper Level, Surgeon-Dentist, burnt to the ground during the 1882 Fire 
  • 1882 - Mr. Stevenson's grocery store next to the Occidental Hotel
  • 1886 - L. Davies,   137 Hunter St
  • 1886 - Harris & Sproull, Pharmaceutical Chemists,   139 Hunter St
  • 1899 - Refreshment Rooms, Manufacturing Pastry Cook and Confectioner
  • 1935 - Woolworths Ltd. 1935-1970, Department Store. 139 Hunter St   (50PhBk)
  • 2010 - Current - Tree of Life, Womans Fashion / Retro Couture Vintage Boutique Studio

141 Cnr Hunter & Thorn Sts / 83 Hunter St / Blane St Newcastle, Honeysuckle point
  • 1877 - Princess Royal Hotel, H. Hewitt, 
  • 1879 - The Northumberland Hotel 1879-1916,  (Henry Simpson)  saved from the 1882 fire.
  • 1882 - 22nd Dec 1882, Shortly after 11 o'clock, just as most of the business places of the city were closed, the fire-bell rang out an alarm. This was followed
    shortly after by the boom of the signal gun from Allan's Hill. It was then seen that the premises on the eastern side of the Northumberland Hotel, Hunter-street, were on fire. It is generally stated that the flames and smoke were first perceived issuing from the joint shops occupied by Mr. McConnell, tailor, and Mr. Pike, shoemaker, two doors from the hotel, while others state that the fire was first visible issuing from the fanlight of Mr. Stevenson's grocery store next to the Hotel. Be this as it may, it was not long before all three of the premises named were ablaze from floor to roof, including a large photographic gallery, occupied for many years by Mr. Liebinger.
    From thence the flames quickly laid hold of Mr. Chippendale's butcher's shop, and but for the indefatigable exertions of the Brigade, the Newmarket Hotel, and joining the Borough Market, must have become a prey to the flames, and then the destruction of the Market must have followed as a matter of course. As it was the conflagration was something to be remembered. The whole of the premises between the two hotels was one immense roaring sea of fire, the flames of which towered as high as the hideous looking excrescences on the roof of the Market itself
  • 1886 - John Hunter's Newcastle Boot Palace, Leather & Grindery  83 Hunter St 137-141 (09+20+30PhBk)
  • 1935 - Woolworths Ltd. 1935-1970, Department Store
  • 1946 - Jays TravelHunter St Mall
  • 1948 - The Havana Cafe, the proprietor was John Barlas this was on the corner of Hunter and Thorn Street and just up from the old Strand Theater.
  • 2010 - Jeanswest
  • 2017 - Current - Jays TravelHunter St Mall Its all part of the new Market Square  
  • Property Owner: NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL 2303

138 Hunter St / 56 Hunter St / 102 Hunter St, Newcastle
  • 1850 - Thomas Buxton, owned the Land,
  • 1885 - Oyster Saloon. Efstratios Androulakis, leased the shop with Cretan partner Peter Soutiriou,  known as Lord Carrington, Oyster Saloon, Fish Oyster and Refreshment Rooms.Efstratios) arrived in Australia in 1877 from Crete  56 Hunter St ok checked
  • 1890 - Efstratios Androulakis sold the bnusiness to Efstratios Mavrokefalos (Stathy Black) from Ithaca.
  • 1903 - Efstratios Mavrokefalos sold the business to Macree & Co, Con Makris and Alex Paxinos
  • 1903 - Macree & Co, Con Macree (Makris) and Alex Paxinos, Oyster Saloon            56 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1911 - Hunter The Stationer Ltd, 1911-1932, Bookseller & Stationers    98-102 (30+50PhBk)
  • Hilliers
  • 1939 - New Standard Radio owned by Viv and Dell Saunders, David Scarr and Barry Lawrence bought New Standard Radio when Viv Saunders died in the late 70,s.They then took over when it was moved to the City Arcade and ran it until its closure after the Earthquake in 1989. New Standard Radio was one of my favorite stores with its various electrics. It virtually paved the way of my future into the Electrical Trades...  102 (39+50PhBk)
  • 1985 - Doug's Dely, 1985-1993,
  • 1964 - Commercial Banking Corporation
  • Currently Discount Warehouse Chemist

140-142 Hunter St / 58 Hunter St / 102a Hunter St, Newcastle
  • 1850 - Thomas Buxton, owned the Land
  • 1875 - Alderton's Building
  • 1876 - Mrs Prevost, watchmaker and Jeweler, As Advertised, The oldest Established Business in Newcastle, 1877 Fire broke out in Chimney, 1894 Looking for new larger premises after the 1885 fire broke out in the store caused by fireworks. 
  • 1880 - Lasker Bros,  Tailors1896 "At Lasker Brothers tailoring establishment on Christmas Eve a number of the firm's employees assembled for the purpose of presenting Mr. R. Rundle (who for the past four years his filled the position of cutter) with a light souvenir, on the occasion of his leaving for Sydney to assume an important paitior with Messrs. Peapes and Co.  Mr Rundle resigned from Lasker brothers and with his father, Richard Alan Rundle, headed towards Sydney where he was apprenticed to Messrs Peapes and Co as a journeyman coat maker, he also attended Sydney Technical College.
  • 1891 George Emery Bodley, Children's toy shop, Newsagent, From Frank, the grandson of G. E. Bodley, George Emery Bodley was the son of George Bodley and Isabella Smith Bodley (who was a sister to William Arnott, the founder of Arnott's Biscuits) The family lived in Newcastle, and when quite young (aged only 22 years} George had a book and stationery shop (and Toy Shop as well) at 58 Hunter Street (near Newcomen street)
    It seems that he was not too successful, as there appears to be a lot of advertising in the Newcastle Morning Herald during 1891 but it then stopped 
    As advertised "Toys, Toys, Toys. for Children for Christmas. Toys for Christmas for Children. A splendid lot just opened. Remember, My Prices are as usual" The Cheapest in Town."
  • 1899 - Harry Charleston, Photographer, Later moved to oposite side of the street near Soul Pattinson, 58 Hunter St  Locked in
  • 1909 - Payizis & Macree, Fruiterers  58 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Way's Ltd, Cafe, 1920-1935       100-102 Hunter St  (20+30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Robert Ingall & Sons, Tailors & Mercers
  • 1970 - Rundles menswear
  • 2010 - Newsagent
  • Currently - Newsagent

141 Hunter StNewcastle
  • 1899 - Refreshment Shop, Manufacturing Pastrycook and Confectioner,

Lyric Cafe 1920

143-145 Cnr Hunter & Thorn Sts 91 Hunter St West Newcastle,  Coles Building
  • 1860 - A. Smith, 1860-1880, Draper with  The Globe Hotel  next door in Thorn St.
  • 1889 - Robins & Thomas, 1889-1897, For you winter dress materials
  • 1897 - Charles Robbins, Milliner
  • 1897 - J.S. Robb, Cash Draper and Milliner
  • 1900 - Robert Christie, Umbrella Maker       91 hunter St  ok  (09PhBk)
  • 1900 - Thomas Parker, Upper Level,  Dentist, Late of Newcastle Dental Co                   91 hunter St    
  • 1919 - Mac's Shoe & Boot Shop (145 Hunter St) 1919-1921 then in 1929 moved to 113 Hunter St
  • 1916 - Lyric Cafeproprietors were Paxinos and Zervos. By 1920, The proprietors were  Zervos & Raftos. On the 4th October 1926 all fixtures and fittings were auctioned - Raftos & Zervos, Restaurant
  • 1930 - Bon Ton, 1930-1938, Milliners  (30PhBk)
  • 1936 - Selfridges Australia Ltd, 1936-1950, Opened 30th July (no connection with the London Store).
  • 1950 - Coles Supermarket
  • 1950 - Chic Salon, 1938-1950, Lingerie       (50PhBk)               
  • 1951 - Katies
  • 1986 - The Coles Building was purchased by a Newcastle Development Syndicate. I Found that the Coles building was for sale so I arranged for a few business associates to become shareholders with me to purchase the site. We formed  'Go Hunter Mall Pty Ltd,' which comprised of myself as well as another 5 local business people. The property was redeveloped by one of our shareholders JML Constructions, We started redeveloping the first floor of the bulding, installed a lift as well, when GPT properties came knoking on the door offering a 'price we could not refuse'... the rest is history. Our new tenants comprised of, Angus & Robertson, Millers Fashion, Sandy Chong Hairdressing, Hearing Impairment, and part of the new multi theatre extension to the Lyric Theatre.
  • 1998 - Millers Clothing. Our range of women's clothing will help you flaunt your style
  • 2010 - Tempt,  Women's clothing
  • 2015 - Curvy Queens Closet
  • 2017 - Donna Donna
  • Currently - Now Demolished to make way for the new East End Development & Apartments

147-149 Hunter St / 95-97 Hunter St Newcastle,  Coles Building
  • 1860 - R. Lipman, Watchmaker, Having made satisfactory arrangements for the renewal of the lease of his old-established business premises, desires to inform the public that he has Just Opened. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT of Jewelery, Watches, Clocks Ladies' and Gentlemens Gold Sets DIAMOND RINGS, &c., &c., whilch will be found highly suitable for presents  to FRIENDS for the coming holidays.A Great reduction has been made in Watches of every description, and Liberal Discounts will be madeon every article bought.
  • 1897 - Llewellyn Davies, 1897-1920, Confectionery Manufacturer 95-97 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1930 - The California Cafe,  13 Aug 1930, An Auction was held to sell all Plant, Fixtures, Fittings and Stock. Later the California Cafe was Relocated to 1 Hunter St to make way for the opening of the new Selfridge's Department store.
  • 1930 - G. Grivas, Confectionary and Refreshments    95-97 (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - Christie's, Frocks & Umbrella, boot warehouse
  • 1936 - Selfridges (Australia) Ltd, 1936-1950, Chain Store, Opened 30th July (no connection with the London Store).
  • 1951 - Coles Variety Store
  • 1980 - Newcastle City Health Foods
  • 1998 - Angus & RobertsonBook Store
  • 1997 - The Building was totaly renovated by JML Constructions for Go Hunter Mall P/L
  • 2019 - French Chateau
  • 2020 - Now demolished to make way for the East End Development & Apartments stage II

<<<<<<< Crossing over Thorn St and continuing west along  Hunter Street via Wolf Sreet >>>>>>>
Thorn to Wolf St Block
154 Hunter St / 66 Hunter St / 112 Hunter St  Newcastle

156-158 Hunter St / 68 Hunter St / 114 Hunter St  Newcastle

159 Hunter St Newcastle 

159a Hunter St / 111 Hunter St Newcastle East End, Lot 135, Caldwell's Corner

168 Hunter St / 76 Hunter St / 128a Hunter St Newcastle,  Municipal Buildings, 1884

174 Cnr Hunter St / 82a Hunter St / 130a Hunter St, Newcastle

186 Cnr Hunter St / 88a Hunter St / 140 Hunter St,  NewcastleSchool of Arts Bldg
  • 1875 - The historic School of Arts two storybuilding was erected
  • 1880 - Ingal & Son, 1880-1935,  Draper,   140 (30PhBk)
  • 1893 - The Emporium, Mens Clothers
  • 1894 - Nathan Herman, Clothing Drapery, boots, closing down sales
  • 1895- The Commercial Bank of Australia
  • 1905 - Fire partly destroid the building, September 22
  • 1910 - Upper Floor, Newcastle School of Arts,  Newcastle City Council, Landlord and acting as trustee for the School of Arts Building. 140 Hunter St
  • 1910 - Nippon Kaisha, 1910-1920, Japanese Silk Store  (20PhBk)
  • 1920 - Upper Floor, The Victoria Leagues Club
  • 1932 - Berkeley Model Frocks
  • 1930 - R. Ingal & Sons, Mercers   140 (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - June Russell. ladies Hairdresser
  • 1935 - NSW Sports Store Ltd, Sporting Goods   140 Hunter St
  • 1950 - Upper Floor, Australian Communist Party
  • 1950 - The Koala Bar, ProprietorsThe Douglas Bros, all three brothers then two, later, went back to Greece, by 1960, Nick Politis bought into the parnership with the one remaining brother, Denis Douglas. Denis then left the partnership to buy The Brown Derby with old man Zivlas. Note, Nick Politis was originally an employee of The Douglas Brothers for a short time.
  • 1960 - Upper Floor, Pinocchios disco,on the first floor, and above, The Koala Bar
  • 1970 - Upper Floor, Giuseppi's Photo Studio 
  • 1994 - Davids McElwaine renovated the old cafe site to provide indoor and outdoor seating. by the end of 1994, Davids McElwaine had sold the business to his cousin Martin McElwaine
  • 1997 - Picnic On The Mall, was purchased by Brendan Scorrer then reSold in 2004
  • 2004 - All Bar One Cafe
  • 2017 - Newcastle City Council sold the School of Arts Building to a Family Company that owns Berkelouw Books stores
  • 2018 - Newcastle City Council, sold the property to a Sydbey purcheser                               
  • Currently - Corner Cafe, now Vacant since the 30th June 2019
  • Newcastle School of Arts, Upstairs, where genteel members of the Victoria League once met was later The Loft youth venue. Then last May (2017), Newcastle City Council sold the building for more than $2million to the company behind Berkelouw Books stores. The upper floor is planned to be turned into as a bookstore trading under the Harry Hartog banner.
<<<<  Crossing over Wolf St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>>
North side of Hunter St, Wolf to Perkins St Block
.... for South side click here

187 Cnr Hunter St / 127-129 Hunter St  Newcastle Hunter and Perkins St, Corner, Lot 137,  David Jones Building
  • 1825 - The Lot No. 137 was promised to John Stronach in 1825. William Croasdill evidently purchased this allotment, from Stronach, or from a successor of title, but there were no records of any transaction and the grant was issued to him in 1854.
    The purchase price of £3/6/8 mentioned in the grant would probably be the payment of 21 years' quit rent, for the quit rent mentioned in the deed is "one pepper- corn forever demanded".
    In 1855 a blacksmith's shop occupied the corner position, the tenant being John Howden, and adjoining on the Hunter-street, frontage was a weatherboard cottage which was occupied by Mr. Adam, father of Mr, W. Adam, of Wickham. Later on the buildings were demolished and shops erected, A well-known butcher in those days, named Hickinbotham, was a tenant, besides other traders. As the town progressed, brick shops were built, and after space of time Scott's Ltd, were granted a building lease for 30 years from June 1, 1912, on a graduated scale of rental ranging from £1300 to £1500 a year, plus rates and taxes, and it was during the currency of this lease that the freehold was sold to them in 1928 for £38,000. The dimensions of the land were 83 feet frontage to Hunter-street, and a return frontage along Perkin-street of about 60 feet.
  • 1843 - William Croasdill, the manager of the AA Co, and his family owned allotment 137
  • 1855 - Blacksmith's shop occupied the corner position, the tenant being John Howden,
  • 1886 - W. Grahame & Son, Watchmaker
  • 1893 - Scotts Corner, Speros Paizis opened a cafe , known as Scotts Corner, with its electric clock in the tower, telling the correct time, night and day, was one of the principal land-marks of the city. In 1912 he moved around the corner into Perkins Street to the Victoria Cafe
  • 1897 - Scott's Ltd, Drapers, The extant building at Scott’s Corner was not completed until after 1913 so there were at least 3 years between when Henry sold his Hunter Street shoe business and the time when that shop, and others, were demolished to make way for a major building development as William Scott further developed his premises towards the west and onto the Perkin Street corner.
  • 1905 - George & Speros Paizis, Fruiterer,    127-129 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1910 - Speros Paizis moved around the corner to the Victoria Cafe.
  • 1937 - Lane & Trewartha Pty Limited
  • 1937 - Majestic Café Pty Limited, Perkins Street
  • 1937 - Lang Wood & Co Pty Limited
  • 1958 - David Jones 1958-2012, then closed in 1912 and was Demolished in 2019
  • 1980 - TimeZone, Pinball Machines
  • 2020 Construction of the Newcastle East Apartment Building by Iris Capital and a luxury hotel, which will be known as QT Newcastle.
  • 2022 - Currently QT Hotel Newcastle
  • Note, 1839 - The Steam Carriage Inn was located up Perkins st on behinde Scotts at Lot 139, William Rouse was granted a publican's license at Newcastle in June 1839 and 1840.
<<<<< Crossing over Perkins St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>>>
Perkins to Brown St Block

191 Hunter St Newcastle
200-218 Hunter St / 114 Hunter St / 168 Hunter St  Newcastle,  The Johns Building
  • 1850 - Cobler
  • 1880 - G. Andreas, Oyster Shop
  • 1883 - John's Silk Store, 1883-1985, Initially constructed in 1883 as a single building, additional buildings added in 1889 and 1909. Was a substantial commercial and retail store operating as the John's Silk Store, and between 1909 and 1921 as the Hustler's Drapery. Archaeological remains discovered when building demolished in 2004, indicating a long history of retailing on the site, with a series of shops previously occupying the site, which are known to date from the 1850s including a cobbler and a confectionery outlet.
  • 1905 - Hart & Firkin, George E. Firkin & Dalby, 1905-1920, Chemist & Druggist 
  • 1909 - Hustler's Drapery, 1909-1921
  • 1926 - The No. 2 Astoria Cafe.  Proprietors were Michael Shannos  & Speros Benas. located on the Corner Hunter St and Scott Streets,
  • Notes : Advertised by Newcastle Herald 28 August 1926 "Newcastle Building, Acting under instructions from architects, have prepared plans for at four-storey building on the Hunter, Perkin, and Scott streets corner site. The premises at present occupying the site, and which are to be pulled down are occupied by the shops of Messrs. Firkin, Davis, Bernard, and Shannos. The new building, which will be of reinforced concrete, will have plate glass windows on the Hunter and Perkin streets frontages. and there will also be one plate glass window on the return frontage in Scott street. All of the ground floor, with the exception of one shop, will be leased by Mr. D. Johns, silk merchant. The remaining shop, on the ground floor, will he occupied by Messrs. Shannos and Benos as No. 2 Astoria Cafe. The other floors will be suitable for showrooms and offices, and business and professional purposes.'
  • 1940 - The Astoria proprietors were Jerry Kolivas and Jerry Cominos by 1941 Chris Stelianos joined as joint proprietor. by1947 Spero Benas had moved to Melbourne, and had sold his interest in The Astoria
  • 1950 - The Commonwealth Bank, 1950-2002
  • 2010 - 7-Eleven
  • 2015 - Current - Nova 24 Seven, Convenience Store                   
  • Further info on the old Johns Building
  • Property Owner:DMJ CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD 203

220 Hunter St / 162 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1886 - G. Andreas, Oyster Shop
  • 2002 -The Commonwealth Bank

245 Cnr Hunter St / 183 Hunter St Newcastle
  • 1970 - Crown Street Cafe, Just around the corner from The Lucky Country Hotel and near a laneway, was the Crown Street Cafe, the proprietors were Con & Gianoula Gianacas

<<< Crossing over Brown St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>><<< 
<<< Crossing over Crown
 St and continuing west along Hunter Street >>>.

279 Hunter St / 27 Hunter St West / 27 Blane St Newcastle, The Corona Building built 1935
  • 1909 - Ingall & Lynch, Milliners  (09PhBk)
  • 1910 - William H. Lathlean, Clothier   25-27 Hunter St West
  • 1938 - The Corona Building, The Corona Building was built in 1935 by the Australian Agricultural Company.
  • 1938 - Sargents Newcastle Ltd, Refreshment Rooms  (39PhBk)
  • 1950 - Howard's Drapery
  • 1964 - The Corona Cafe,1964-1986, proprietor was Nick Gerakiteys. In 1948, Nick & Jim Gerakiteys. Father, introduced Chocolate Coated ice creams  that are now sold in most picture theatres.
  • Currently - Jimbo's Barber Shop

289-293 Hunter St / 37 Hunter St West / 37 Blane St Newcastle,  Argyle Building
  • 1839 - Reg A Baker  1839-1916, Newcastle's Leading Sports Store, Astor Car Radios. Immediate delivery and installation, Newcastle's Leading Radio, Electricaland Refrigeration Suppliers. 291-293 Hunter St
  • 1909 - Pedro D. Bergos, Oyster Saloonalso 303 Hunter  37 Hunter St West  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - A. Andros, Oyster Saloon
  • 1920 . J. Fenwick, Butcher (#293)
  • 1938 - Fisher's Drapers
  • 1986 - Reuben F. Scarf, 1986-2006, Founded in 1937Reuben F. Scarf is a leader in the formal and wedding wear. Our a range of products are of optimum quality.
  • Currently - With Love Bree Lacey, vintage inspired fashion  289 Hunter St
  • Property Owner:REUBEN F SCARF NCLE PTY LTD 2300

303 Hunter St / 45 Hunter St West / 45 Blane St Newcastle, Building built in 1904, Crown-Darby block
  • 1885 - Efstratios Androulakis, Refreshment Rooms & Oyster Saloon, Stratus arrived in Australia in 1877 from Crete
  • 1887 - George Peters, Refreshment Rooms & Oyster Saloon
  • 1909 - Melitos Stathis, Oyster Saloon  45 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1916 - Adams and Richards Groceres
  • 1920 - James Brothers, 1920-1922, Groceries
  • 1926 - Reg A Baker, 1926-1940, Hairdresser and tobacconist, Fishing Tackle, moved into no 303 around 1926  (30PhBk)
  • 1941 - Sproul's Milk Bar.
  • 1948 - Upper Level, The Greek Club
  • 1942 - The Embassy Cafe, The proprietors were Constantine Karanges and Michael Peter Karanges. 
  • 1978 - The Embassy Cafe 1978-2022, proprietor was Peter Douglas. The Embassy Cafe,  appears to be Hunter Street's last surviving authentic Greek cafe and is still run by the Douglas Family with proprietor Peter Douglas. Closed down 16 Dec 2022 close down soon.
  • 2023 - Susan N Cam D'Amico, In September 2023 Susan leased 303 Hunter Street Newcastle from the Douglas family.
    From our contributor, Susan N Cam D'Amico,
    Hello Spero, My name is Sue (Susan) D'Amico. My small business is called  'BellAmica' it is named after my dearest friend Anna LaBella and my married name D'Amico and loosly abbreviates to what may be interpreted as Beautiful Friend.  Anna worked many years ago for the Rafty family at The Mattara at the top of the mall (as well as The Italian Centre in Hamilton many years ago when Italians were first arrivng in Australia where she cooked meals, she also worked at Don Beppinos for Giuseppe Risicato).
    I make Italian cakes, pastries, biscotti and will be expanding into Italian meals as well. 
    The Embassy, the last of the old Greek Cafes is the perfect foundation to build Anna and my dream of La Piccola Pasticceria.
    It is very early days yet and  have much work to do to fill the displays with cakes and pastries.  I also sell local cold brew coffee and as the business grows wish to serve old fashioned Milkshakes and Frappes with my sweets to be enjoyed in the old booths of the cafe. I will try and update you when the business grows and these dreams are realised
    I met Anna working for Don Beppinos at Raymond Terrace when i was 14 and she was a little old Italian lady. We immediately became best friends and remained so until she passed away a few years ago.  This was her dream for us to do together.   I have since trained as a pastry cook and do the baking largely on my own at this stage with help from my friends.
    I feel honoured to be leasing this property at 303 Hunter Street to be a guardian of one of the last remaining points of Newcastle's history.
    I opened the roller door and started selling from this address at New Years Eve 2023.
    Between September and December i baked and sold at the Newcastle City Farmers Market at Broadmeadow Showground and also made birthday and wedding cakes before focusing on the cafe.
  • Currently - BellAmica / La Piccola Pasticceria leased as a cafe
  • Property Owner: P DOUGLAS & M DOUGLAS 2300

307 Hunter St / 49 Hunter St West / 49 Blane St Newcastle, Crown-Darby block, Argyle Building
  • 1880 - Westway & Nolan, Tailors
  • 1905 - J. Cotterill, Ham & Beef Shop     49 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - G. Grivas of the Grivas Brothers, Refreshment Rooms, 1920-1923, Confectionary
  • 1930 - Mrs J Tarifas, Fruiterer  (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - City Meat Market
  • 1940 - Austen's Frocks.
  • 1950 - Cyril Griffin, Frocks.  (50PhBk)
  • 1986 - Easthams Clothing
  • Currently - Vo's Hot Bread Shop

313 Hunter St / 53 Hunter St West / 53 Blane St Newcastle, Lot 39, Crown-Darby block
  • 1880 - L. Davies, Confectionary
  • 1905 - Mrs F. Barker, Tobacconist
  • 1909 - Black & TarefasFishmonger,    53 Hunter St  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - E. Eggleston, Florist
  • 1930 - Miss G. Davidson, Florist   (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - Beaths Bird Shop, 1938-1950, Bird Dealers  (50PhBk)
  • 1986 - Rentlo Video
  • Currently - Fusion Gourmet Bites and Coffee.     
  • Property Owner:J PSAKIS & S PSAKIS & J XEPTERAS 2280

315 Cnr Hunter St / 55 Hunter St West / 55 Blane St Newcastle, Lot 40, Crown-Darby block
  • 1876 -  The Tattersalls Hotel  1876-1909, (1880 D. Brent, William Ward)  (09PhBk)
  • 1917 - The Golden Heart Parlour.
  • 1918 - Fish Shop
  • 1922 - Harris, Jeweller
  • 1930 - D. McLeod, 1930-1938, Jeweller, watches, silverplate ware, importer  (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - Miss L. Samuels, 1938-1950, Dressmaker
  • 1938 - Wes Oakes, Tailor
  • 1938 - Serge Parlours, Tailors Materials
  • 1940 - D. McLeod,  Jewellery, Silverplate importers
  • 1950 - Wild Luke, Jewelley, 
  • 1958 - Camera Corner, owned by the Reg A Bake
  • 1969 - Upper Level, Alexander's Restaurant - Alex Hudson, caterer
  • 1975 - The Ritz, Upper Level, Greek club  The proprietors were the two Jimmy's ex California Cafe
  • 1989 - Hot Food Store, Leo Marks, his son worked there
  • Currently - Crumbed or Naked     chk ok55

321 Cnr Hunter St / 59 Hunter St West / 59 Blane St Newcastle
  • 1880 - Mark & Williams, Oyester Salon
  • 1905 - Anton Macree, Oyster Saloon
  • 1909 - Herbert & Silverthorn, Jewelers  (09PhBk)
  • 1910 - Australian Metropolitan Life Assurance, 1910-1930,   323 Hunter St 
  • 1920 - Will Orrell, Bookseller & Stationer
  • 1930 - Vacant  (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - Sports Dyers & Cleaners
  • 1995 - All buildings demolished
  • 1996 - The Telstra Building
  • Currently - Telstra, Mcloy Group and other tenants

<<<<< Crossing over Darby St and continuing west along Blane / Hunter Street >>>>
Southern side of Hunter St, Darby to Burwood St Block   Back to the top of page

339 Hunter St / 77 Hunter St West / 77 Blane St Newcastle, Fultons Buildings 1880
  • 1860 - H. Newton, Grocery Store
  • 1885 - The Destructive Fire in Blane St, shortly after 9 o'clock, the fire bell rang an alarm, which was quickly followed by three reports from the guns at Allan's Bill. thus denoting that the fire was of no trivial character, Instantly the town was alive with people, and crowds were seen hurrying along Hunter-street towards Honeysuckle Point, in which direction it was imagined the fire had broken out, On turning the bend of Blane street, near tile  A A. Co's bridge, the spectacle of an immense body of flame bursting apparently across the street, presented itself,. seemingly in the vicinity of the Coffee Palace. ·An immense number of people had already assembled. The fire brigades, under the supervision of Superintendent Gardner, assisted by Captain Larkin, of the Honeysuckle Brigade, where quickly on the spot, and as soon as a supply of water was obtained, used their best efforts to extinguish 'the fire, which' was then fiercely raging in the shop of Mr J, H. Durnall, draper. The flames quickly communicated With the adjoining grocery store, occupied by Mr. H. Newton. 'these premises form a block of two well-built two-story brick houses, recently erected, known as Fulton's Buildings.In spite. of. the endeavours of the. firemen, who-worked splendidly, and deserve great praise, the fire appeared to gain ground, and Newton's premises seemed destined for destruction. On the west side of Durnell's shop is Mr.T.Garrett's produce store,' and adjoining this is the Coffee Palace
  • 1896 - Cheap Meat Mart
  • 1903 - Alfred. C. Moodie, Tailor, then moved to 94 Hunter St
  • 1905 - Thomas Ward, dir
  • 1909 - Mrs Jane Walker, Fruiterer  77 Hunter St  (09+PhBk)
  • 1920 - Mrs R. Godfrey, Draper & Bootshop
  • 1930 - James Walker, 1930-1940,  Refreshment Rooms  (30+39PhBk)
  • 1940 - The Brown Derby Cafe was purchased in partnership with Denis Douglas and old man Zivlas.  Check Year
  • 1945 - The Brown Derby Cafe  1945-1986, In late 1945 Jim Kimon Kolivas bought the established tea rooms in the Fredrick Ash Block and opened The Brown Derby Cafe with brown bowler hats as lamp shades over the booths. Jim Kolivas was always on the move and had .grand ideas. so by 1948, he sold the cafe to John RaftyJerry Kolivas, Jan Rafty and Nouli Maroulis. It was located near the Clarendon Hotel. Jim Kolivas then went on to put down a deposit to buy property on the corner of Tudor and Steel Streets. It was a grocery store with a flat above in a brick building and behind was a long weatherboard which was a single story 8 rooms used as a boarding house. This did not last long and was sold to Gerry (Gerassimos) Cominos when he wanted .out of the purchase. and is now the site where the Tudor Inn Motel operates. The motel was built in partnership with John Raftos in 1973  (50PhBk)
  • 1989 - Newcastle Earthquake, Building Demolished
  • Currently - The Newcastle Court House

353 Hunter St / 93 Hunter St West / 93 Blane St Newcastle, Morpeth House Built 1936
  • 1860 - A. Shaw, Furniture House
  • 1909 . Charles McLennanInsurance (09PhBk)
  • 1930 . C. Huxtable, 1930-1938, Hairdresser   (30PhBk)
  • 1940 - J. Kirkham, 1940-1960, seedman
  • 1956 - The House of Dennelli
  • 1965 - Mardi Gras, Upper Level, Dance and Dine, Pat Crook and his partner Tony (the Greek) Lewis opened the mardi gras in the mid 1960`s, I worked on the gambling table and my wife worked in the bar near the gaming table, and before that she worked in the kitchen with Jerry the Greek cook.The Magnetics and later Page One,  played there late 60's, early 70's. There were two main bouncers, Wayne Newman and Denny Barlow

363 Hunter St / 99 Hunter St West / 99 Blane St Newcastle, Bennett & Wood Building
  • 1860 - W. A. Sparke
  • 1905 - William O'Leary, Grocer
  • 1909 - Bennett & Wood, 1909-1919, Cycle Manufacturer, 99 Hunter St West (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - James Walker, Restaurant Dining Rooms
  • 1920 - Mrs Maude Buffier
  • 1930 - J.A. Simpson, 1930-1950, Drapers, the small shop with the big values.
  • 1930 - W. Last Nelson, Dentist
  • 1930 - Mrs A. Buxton, Cafe   (30PhBk)
  • 1950 - Dinny O'Brien, Dealer, branch out from tailoring into the second-hand trade  (50PhBk)
  • 1954 - G. Barlow
  • 1981 - Chesters Clothing Store, 1981-1986  Selling clothing, brand name Jeans such as Levis, Lee, Smiths and Wrangler.Also sold Quicksilver and Billabong boardshorts and other men’s and women’s fashion and swimwear. Chesters’ supplied clothing for a children’s show hosted by Art Ryan on NBN television. Alex Wileman was featured on the program at the time and she had clothing to wear on the show supplied by ‘Chesters'. (information supplied by our contributor Monica Hercok)
  • 1986 - LP9 Fashion Spectacular
  • Currently - The Blue Door Cafe

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Civic (Photo Percy Sternbeck) 1986

379 Hunter St / 109 Hunter St West  NewcastleCivic Block,

  • 1909 - The Post Office Hotel,   (George Hudson)
  • 1940 - Baby Bunting, Children's Clothing  
  • 1954 - Mr P Scott of the Scott Brosa Cafe, proprietor Mr P Scott 

383 Hunter St / 113 Hunter St West / Blane St Newcastle, Civic Block, Civic Theatre Building
  • 1936 - Scott Bros Cafe,1936-1964, proprietor Mr Peter Scott, Confectionery & Refreshment Rooms  (39+50PhBk)
  • 1966 - Civic Diamond Centre, the Confectionery shop was sold by the Scott Brothers to Mr Kadlubek who opened up Civic Diamond Centre 
  • Currently - Various Civic theatre Shops

Panayota & Nouli Maroulis at the Stardust Cafe about 1960 (Photo Yiani Maroulis)

389 Hunter St / 117 Hunter St West / Blane St Newcastle,  Civic Theatre Building
  • 1891 - J.S. Rodgers, Newcastle Foundry
  • 1938 - British Motor & Cycle Co Pty Ltd, Cycles & Motor Cycles
  • 1939 - STC Radio sales & service   (39PhBk)
  • 1948 - Civic Salon, Art Salon / Fancy goods dealer
  • 1958 - The Stardust Cafe, Nouli Maroulis designed and built the Stardust Cafe, Nouli also owned the Picture theatre in Carington.
  • 1966 - The Stardust Cafe proprietor was John Raftos.  John purchased the Cafe from Nouli Maroulis. Later John sold the Stardust to the Theakos family and then later it was resold to George & Nikki Fellas, it was recently named Lunch Delights. It is located opposite the old Civic Railway Station and near the Civic Theatre. It had an interesting history which I'm led to believe had direct access to the green rooms of the Civic Theatre, where they provided meals to the actors during showtimes..
  • 2004 - Civic Lunch Delights
  • Currently - Civic Lunch Delights by George & Nikki Fellas                              ok 389

397 Hunter St / 121a Hunter St West / 121a Blane St NewcastleCivic Block, End of Civic Theatre Building
  • 1909 - Robert Thompson, Jeweler  121 Hunter St (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Lovett & Adams, Electro plater
  • 1932 - The Central Tea Rooms, cafe, 1932-1950,   virtually next to the new UNI. Chris Gianacas proprietor and later Con & Arthur Gianacas(39+50PhBk)
  • 1938 - Rebuilding 395-405 Hunter St
  • 1986 - Optomitrist
  • Currently Civic Theatre Building

409 Hunter St / 133 Hunter St West / 133 Blane St NewcastleCivic Block,  The NeW Space Building
  • 1920 - Perc, C. Clarke, Outfitter
  • 1925 - Goldman, The Gramophone Hospital, Gramophones, We sell records, Want to buy books, novels, magazines, old music, best prices paid. Get new records for your old ones at Goldman's record exchange (In 1925 Mr Goldman was ex 'the old Curiosity Shop' when he opened Goldman Records)
  • 1930 - W.H. Bruce, Tilers
  • 1932 - D. Shepherd, Cake Shop
  • 1938 - Kenya, Cake Shop (40PhBk)  For Sale in 1939
  • 1944 - The Victory Milk Bar, Mark Barbouttis (deceased) from Kastelorizo was proprietor, Jack Barbouttis, Angelo, Anthony & Steve Barbouttis & Bros, All had shops in Hunter st. 
  • 2013 - Demolished building to make way for The NeW Space, The University of Newcastle
  • Currently - The NeW Space, The University of Newcastle
  • Property Owner:NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL 2300
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423 Cnr 
Hunter St / 151 Hunter St West  Newcastle
  • 1880 - Pax, Grocer
  • 1909 - Solomon Green, Clothier
  • 1920 - Scott Bros, 1920-1930, Fruiterer & Refreshment Rooms
  • 1938 - Newcastle Confectionery Co, Manufacturers
  • 1940 - Sargents Ltd,  1940-1950, Cake shop

425  Hunter St / 149 Hunter St West , Newcastle,  Blane Street, Honysuckle, Tyrrells Building, Lot 75
  • 1905 - Mrs B. Thompson, Refreshment Rooms  (09PhBk)
  • 1940 - Civic Photo & Copying Service  (40PhBk)
  • 1950 - A.J. Reedman, Draughtsmen  (50PhBk)
  • 1986 - ANZ Bank
  • Currently - Sharon Claydon MP, 2008-Current. 

430 Hunter Street, Newcastle, Civic Block, Civic Railway Station
  • 1950 - The Railway Refreshment Rooms

449 Hunter St / 173 Hunter West St  Newcastle, Lot 78
  • 1901 - J. Burgess, Wholesale Confectionery
  • 1909 - W. Nelson Last, Dentist, Artificial teeth at lowest fees         173 Hunter St West  (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - Charles McLennan, Surgical instrument & Truss Maker
  • 1930 - Ways LtdPastrycooks  (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - Sargents Newcastle LtdPastrycooks
  • 1950 - City Fish Supply, Fishmongers   449 (50PhBk)
  • 1970 - Impact SoundRecords & Cassettes, owner Reg Mason, 1970-1977
  • 1977 - West End Music, Garry Robinson
  • 1985 - Walkom Real Estate
  • Currently - Walkom Real Estate

481 Hunter St / 203 Hunter St West / 203 Blane St Newcastle
  • 1909 - Jos Lees, Fish Shop       203 Hunter St West    (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - William Farrer, Dryer & Cleaner
  • 1930 - M. Reines, Fruiterer   (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - The Blue Ribbon, Pastry Cooks  481 (40PhBk)
  • Currently - Shops demolished and block of home units built
  • Property Owner:A J RYAN 2300

483 Hunter St / 211 Hunter St West / 211 Blane St Newcastle
  • 1904 - Thomas Brothers Butchers,  Wholesale and Retail Butchers. Hunter Street West, [9 April 1904] . At the end of the 19th century this site was occupied by Thomas Brothers butcher shop. This butcher shop gives an alarming image of the hygiene of the late Victorian period. Their advertising board proclaim that not only were they the largest butchers in Newcastle they were .The Clean Butchers., yet the meat is hung outside and in front of a dirt road Since Hunter Street was the main thoroughfare the traffic must have stirred up a significant amount of dust . not to mention the flies.  207 Hunter St West    (09PhBk)
  • 1920 - George Smith, Fruiterer
  • 1925 - The Central Cafe proprietor was Chris Gianacas. Located near CBD Hotel next to lane way.
  • 1930 - Central Furniture Exchange   (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - F.H. Cole, Dealer
  • 1938 - R.W. Roberts, Tailor
  • Angelo's Hairdressing ??
  • 1986 - Thorpy & Company, Sewing Machine specialist
  • Currently - Thorpy & Company, Sewing Machine specialist       ok211
  • Property Owner: Chester Property Pty Limited 2295

485 Hunter St / 217 Hunter St West / 217 Blane St Newcastle
  • 1910 - Jas Hays, Furniture Wharehouse   217-219 Hunter St West
  • 1920 - John Paolas, Fish Monger
  • 1930 - Workman's Tool Shop, 1930-1938, (C. Goldring) (30PhBk)
  • 1950 - Tudor Trading Co, Mercers
  • 1986 - John Jones, Mens clothing store
  • Currently - Ineractive Community Care
  • Property Owner:Chester Property Pty Limited 2295

501 Hunter St / 229 Hunter St West Newcastle,
  • 1938 - Rex Milk Bar
  • 1950 - Rogers The Jewelers.
  • 1950 - Kirkham, Nursery.
  • Currently - Vacant  Block,
  • Property Owner:D C ROGERS 2300

The Minerva Cafe 1950 (Photo Jim Zervos via Greek Cafés & Milk Bars of Australia)
511-513 Hunter St / 229 Hunter St West, Newcastle
  • 1874 - The Australian Agricultural Company (AA Coy) sold five blocks of land it owned in what is today's Hunter St West to Mr Peter Flemming for £1,150 . One was a quarter acre block where Flemming built eight shops fronting Hunter St (then Blane St) and small single story cottages behind the shops in an area which became known as Fleming's Terrace. The shops and houses were completed in 1886. The Hunter St Archway leading to the cottages was built to accomodate horses and horse drawn carriages,
  • 1909 - Alex Peate & Co, 1909-1920, Tailor shop  Tailoring in Newcastle  227-229 Hunter St West   (09+30PhBk)
  • 1920 - Salvation Army Temple
  • 1932 - R.L. Peate, 1932-1938,  Chemist
  • 1938 - Joe Bull, 1938-1950, Tailor, for a better suite, Mens & Ladies.  513 Hunter St West
  • 1938 - Kandy Kitchen, 1938-1940, Confectionary & Refreshments  (39PhBk)
  • 1941 - Graphicolor, Upper Floor, Pennants, Banners, Pockets.
  • 1941 - The Minerva Cafethe proprietor was Jim Zervos who bought and converterd a fruit shop into The Minerva Cafe. Later in 1959My Father, George Davias, after he sold his Beach Fish Cafe at 39 Hunter St, also became a partner in The Minerva Around 1960, the proprietors introduced another partner, so with the extra funds on hand they totally refurbished the old The Minerva Cafe installing a new counter that was built opposite the original one. This new counter used the latest 'state of the art' in new deep fryer cooking and exhaust system technology. From when I was around 11 year old, after school, and weekends, I used to work,behind the old ice cream counter, making banana splits, Sundays, milkshakes and also selling chocolates & cigarettes.  Around 1966, The Minerva Cafe and building along with all the surrounding Fleming's terrace was sought after and eventually bought by the Newcastle Workers Club who were going to develop the site. After the sale, The Workers Club development did not go ahead.
  • 1965 - After the close of the Minerva Cafe, My Father, George Davias, purchased the Bull St Cooks Hill Fish n Chips Shop, which he worked up and until his retirement in 1970. Uncle Jim Zervos purchased a house in Smith St Hamilton, which also included a small corner convenience store which he ran for many years.
  • 1966 - Jim Zervos purchased a Cafe from Nouli Maroulis in Bourke NSW and moved there for a few years.
  • 1990 - All Buildings where Demolished and The Hunter shopping village was built
  • 2000 - The Hunter shopping village was demolished ready for the building of the 30 story JML Apartments which did not go ahead.
  • 2001 - Building of the new 19 storySky Apartment Tower by GWH
  • Currently Sky Apartment Tower by GWH
  • Property Owner: TEKTON HOLDINGS PTY LIMITED & others
Minerva Cafe, 511 Hunter Street-West, Newcastle, NSW, early 1950s, in the photo above, Left to Right: Peter Skliros, unidentified shop assistant, James Zervos and Mick Prosssalentis,  James Zervos (Joakim Zaverdinos/Zoverdinos), converted a pre-existing fruit shop business into the Minerva cafe. He had arrived in Australia from Ithaca in 1937. In 1947, after undertaking military service, James married Angelica Raftopoulos (My Auntie) at St Johns Anglican Church in Newcastle. The Minerva Cafe prospered, but there were occasional issues. In early 1951 for example, James was fined for 'smoking behind the counter' and in mid-1954, thieves forced a rear door to enter the premises and stole £250 worth of cigarettes, tobacco and currency. By the late 1950's, George Davias and another Greek were taken on  as partners in the business. The cafe then underwent refurbishment of its interior to 'update' its decor and cooking facilities. During the second half of the1960s the Newcastle Workers Club acquired the premises for development.
Newcastle's Greek-run food-catering establishments of the early twentieth century were dominated by Arcadians and Ithacans.
Photo courtesy J. Zervos, from the "In Their Own Image: Greek-Australians" National Project Archives, Macquarie University, Sydney

517 Hunter St 233 Hunter St West, Newcastle, Stegga's City Emporium 1886
  • 1886 - Stegga's City Emporium, Henry Stegga was born in Holland and arrived in Newcastle in 1874. He was employed by T Gibb before starting his own business The Little Shop in Market Street in 1884. In 1885 Henry Stegga opened Carrington Clothing. In 1886 he purchased the land to build the City Emporium Surrounding stores can also be identified, including a tailor, a book store, a machines store and the Bank of New South Wales. The City Emporium became H P Cornish's Waratah House in c1899. H P Cornish was an Alderman and Mayor of Newcastle Council in 1922 and 1923 
  • 1889 - Everett Smith's, Bedding, something very special in drawing room suites with plush borders.
  • 1909 - Excelsior Boot Co     233 Hunter St West   (09PhBk)
  • 1917 - Jobs Cafe
  • 1919 - The Music Wharehouse, Johnston's, 1919-1930, The Music House is one of the largest and most complete music establishment in the north.The new Rexonola, the gramophone acclaimed for its exquisite tone. (20+30PhBk)
  • 1926 - F.H.Nicholls & Co, pianos musical instruments.
  • 1929 - Domestic Machinery, The Domestic Machinery Co, appliance, “talking machine repairs.”  (30PhBk)
  • 1932 - A.H. Burkhardt, Tailor
  • 1938 - Mrs C. Ruggero, Wine Salon
  • 1986 - McDonalds, fast food outlet
  • 2010 - The Rock Shop
  • Currently - The Rock Shop
  • Property Owner: MARTRAG PTY LIMITED 2300

521 Hunter St  / 237 Hunter St West, Newcastle, Stegga's City Emporium Building 1886
  • 1892 - Bank of New South Wales
  • 1909 - William Crawley, Medical Practitioner, Upper Floor, 237 Hunter St West  (09+20PhBk)
  • 1909 - Upper Floor, Norman J. Dunlop, 1909.1920, Medical Practitioner  (ph bk)
  • 1920 - T. Kendrick & Co, Book shop & Stationer
  • 1930 - Davies & Herbert, Manufacturing Confectioners .The sweetest spot in Town.(30PhBk)
  • 1930 - Way's Ltd, Pasterycooks   (30PhBk)
  • 1935 - C.T. White, 1935-1955, Gift Store and Bookseller, Newsagency (50ph bk)
  • 1955 - Dick (Dicky) White, Newsagency    (50ph bk)
  • 1976 - Finche's Newsagency, Proprietor, Robert Finch (ex Footballer)
  • 2010 -  Indigo Books
  • Currently - Wak-the-salon                   chk ok237
  • Property Owner: Lou ROUSSOS & C A ROUSSOS 2300

523 Hunter St  / 239 Hunter St West / 239 Blane St,  Newcastle, Stegga's City Emporium Building 1886, Cornish's Waratah House  239ok
  • 1890 - A. Shaw, Tailor
  • 1909 - H.P. Cornish & Co, 1909-1920,  Expert Tailors, Hatters & Mercers, H P Cornish's Waratah House in c1899. H P Cornish was an Alderman and Mayor of Newcastle Council in 1922 and 1923   239ok  239 Hunter St West   (09+20+30PhBk)
  • 1928 - Anderson’s Newcastle Ltd
  • 1931 - The Whitworths, Christmas Hams, groceries and provisions
  • 1932 - D. Hopper, Fruiterer
  • 1936 - Devonia Cafe & Milk Bar, closed down in 1938
  • 1940 - Wright’s Frock Showroom  (50PhBk)
  • 1986 - Factory Door
  • Currently - Vacant Shop                 ok239
  • Property Owner: MARTRAG PT

529 Hunter St / 245 Hunter St West / 245 Blane St, Newcastle West, Stegga's City Emporium Building 1886  245ok
  • 1890 - W. Brooks
  • 1894 - The Arlington Wine and Refreshment Rooms  245 Hunter St West
  • 1909 - Black & Capes, Fruiterers     245 Hunter St West (09 ph bk)
  • 1920 - Zervos Brothers, 1920 1924, Fruiterers & refreshment shopProprietors were the Zervos Brothers. On the 31st Jan 1924, under the instructions of the Zervos Bros who are relinquishing the business, the premises goes to Auction.  (ph bk)
  • 1924 - Bridges, Dyers & Cleaners
  • 1930 - The National Bank of Australia   (30PhBk)
  • 1938 - Rogers Gift Store, 1938-1950,  China and Glass Ware Dealers.          245 check blane
  • 1965 - The Galloping Grape,  Later: it went under quite a few different names such as: Poets Page, Mary Magpie Wine Bar, JC.s Karaoke and Charkers Wine Bar. Probably remembered most as The Gunfighters Rest, Jim Chalkers Wine Bar
  • 1975 - The Merry Magpie, Wine bar
  • 1986 - Bar The Poets Go
  • 2015 - The Terrace Wine Bar.
  • Currently - The Rum Diary Bar Newcastle, one of Melbourne's top bars has opened a second home in Newcastle.
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